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1 minute ago, PatternMaster said:

He could also get the 3 strikes and go away for a long time if convicted...I wouldn't be surprised to see Mixon's sister take the fall for this to save her boo from going bye-bye for decades over something that was extremely avoidable. 


The 3 strikes law only applies to crimes committed in California. But if he's on probation/parole, he's certainly violated it. Only problem is California is more about letting people out of prison than putting them back in. They may not be very interested in Brewer once he's moved out of their state. 

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7 hours ago, PatternMaster said:

Joe's going to have one hell of a lawsuit on his hands because of this idiot shooting at kids, he might get taken for everything he's worked for. 

Likely not. As it does not appear he had any direct involvement (discharging the weapon/directing the discharge of the weapon/supervising the discharge of the weapon), he might only be vicariously liable in litigation because the discharge took place on his property. Think of it like a shootout in your backyard--you had no direct involvement, thus no negligent wrongdoing. With that said, if there is shown to be a pattern of having dangerous people routinely on or in your property, he could have an issue with negligence per se, but that is stretching it a bit. 


In any event, if he is sued, his home insurer should defend and indemnify him. The only exclusion there would be if he was intentionally or criminally responsible for the injury.  

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