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Super Wildcard Weekend Games Thread

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10 hours ago, High School Harry said:

What are two things the Chiefs have that the Bengals don't?


Taylor Swift and a running back.


told to me by a friend...

I will take Jake and AJs ladies over the scarecrow 

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7 hours ago, I_C_Deadpeople said:

3 Ninety-year old nuns are on their way!

Fuck.  Hopefully it isn’t the one that kicked my ass in third grade for pulling the fire alarm. 

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4 hours ago, T-Dub said:


Did you mean The Leaves original or the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds cover?





You're right.  The Leaves.  And that live version is not very good.

There were a lot of California bands that were big locally with little following

elsewhere, unfortunately in many cases, with one word names and easy to confuse.

Leaves, Seeds...Love etc... saw them both (as well as the early Doors) out there a lifetime ago.

Leaves/Seeds ended their set by pulling their shaggy wigs off and showing they were not scruffy Beatles clones after all.


BTW... if you or anyone else on here has Spectrum pay per view movies platform, they have

a documentary on Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones that is hands down one of the best I have seen

of the bands and period. Well worth the $6 or so.

Far better than the pillow fights being called playoff games.

I have not seen one team the full strength Bengals could not beat handily.

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2 hours ago, AmishBengalFan said:



Dumb fucks.


The league can’t foresee a blizzard with 2 ft of snow and 50mph winds.  Keep in mind, the Governor of the state imposed a travel ban, not the NFL. Last year 40+ people died in a similar storm. 

The NFL made the wise decision to not move the game because the Bills fans would had tried to drive wherever.

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My prediction now for next weekend's schedule:


Saturday 430:

4/HOU at 1/BAL (if BUF>PIT)
4/HOU at 3/KCC (if PIT>BUF)


Saturday at 800:

7/GBP at 1/SFF


Sunday at 300:

3/KCC at 2/BUF (if BUF>PIT)

7/PIT at 1/BAL (if PIT>BUF)


Sunday at 6:30:

PHI/TBB-winner at 3-DET (if DET>LAR)

6-LAR at PHI/TBB-winner (if LAR>DET)


BOLD = Wild Card Monday winner

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