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OMG, we got the guy who carried off Burrow #DESTINY      

They just brought him in to transport Joe around the facilities until his knee is completely healed.  😎    

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8 minutes ago, membengal said:


damn, this dude is just a beast. He still escapes despite the triple team and fights his way toward Sunshine

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I love a DT who can play nose, which is why my favorite defense has always been the 5-2 (works with a 3-4 as well, though I like more size up front). Ironically, it seems Lou is one of the few DC in the league who will occasionally play a 5-2 as well.


In fact, on many snaps I have seen Lou play a very unique 5-1-5 with 5 DL and 5 DB and only 1 LB. The degree to which the Bengals LB talent played in that I am not sure. 

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Brody Miller, in case you don’t know, covers LSU for the Athletic. Dehner and Morrison have had him on HTPG several times the last few years. His obs on LSU players noteworthy.

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On 5/21/2021 at 7:10 PM, BlackJesus said:

Todd McShay raved when the pick was made 

"look at that short area quickness"



He’s so big he’s already in the short area. :lol: 

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8 hours ago, BlackJesus said:

I am starting the trend of calling him Tank Shelvin.


Pass it on to Zac. And Tank


When are you going to update the Whodeyian Chronicles with Burrow, that pretender Palmer needs to be replaced?


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On 5/24/2021 at 12:41 PM, High School Harry said:




The Original Shelvenator.

(Powell) Crosley Refrigerator

produced in Cincinnati in the 50's.

It was popular for its clever adaptation...

shelves in the door.


My grandparents had one in their basement.  Always worked, but the door handle was kind of flimsy. 

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