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2021 Opponents news thread

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1 hour ago, Le Tigre said:
Raiders starters missing because of COVID: None.
This MIGHT be a competitive contest after all! 
(MIGHT, as the referees are not on an inactive list)   

Whoever the color guy is on NFLN, he just said it was handfighting when a brownie was holding a Raider from coming back to the ball. They did flag it, but it was so ridiculous. Think it was Kurt Warner.

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Seeing Renfro (Raiders) muff two punts reminded me of Phillips two weeks ago…except Renfro recovered both.


I almost posted this two weeks ago…but didn’t.  When under the lights, the “look” of the ball is different and it is more difficult to determine it’s position.  Punt returners need to practice fielding punts under the lights…especially just before a night game.  If he can’t adjust, then the team needs to get someone else in there.


Results might suggest that Phillips (and Renfro) did not practice fielding punts under the lights.

Part of the blame for Phillips’ muffs may rest with the coaching staff.


[My first time playing outfield in a softball game under the lights was a rude awakening.]

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