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Cleveland Football Team (Episode 1) Week

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21 minutes ago, claptonrocks said:


Say Joe throws 36 times.

Targets now.


Boyd 8

Tee. 11

Hurst 7

Mixon 6

Thomas 2

Perine 1


Something of that nature??







I mean, sure, yeh they can hopefully adjust..  But half his TD throws this year have been to Chase.   He will be missed.

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38 minutes ago, Le Tigre said:

And, they are one Tee Higgins injury from being in the Rex Burkhead WR vs Indianapolis area code. 



I thought we agreed never to speak of this again?


In fact if we can all just agree the post-2000 Bengals never made the playoffs until last year that'd be pretty nice I think

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1 hour ago, I_C_Deadpeople said:

What if we got the other RB (who’s name escapes me) more involved?

Chris Evans or Treyveon Williams..

Evans is versatile.


I don't think Williams will ever get many touches with the team.

His a good blocker good receiver..hits the gaps hard and has had success in very limited time.

He's only needed if Mixon gets injured..

I still think he's a good RB..



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8 hours ago, HOF dan said:



well, here's some good  news - Hendrickson's back at practice

didn't see this elsewhere so- disregard if it's old news

Hendrickson shoud have a good game against Browns LT Willis..

Feelin a couple sacks for him.


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1 hour ago, westside bengal said:


Is that a plus or minus?


Well on all 3 targets that CBT had against him all 3 were caught.


Small sample size I know and he was in more than Apple last week and only targeted 3 times, of course Atlanta is more a running team as is Cleveland but imho Burssett is better than Mariotta and the Cleveland WRs better than Atl's.


I suspect they try to pick on him in their passing game. Well see how he holds up.

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2 minutes ago, claptonrocks said:

Your house?..

Is the intrigue of the WS or you have a team you like there in it??

Both. I’ve always loved the WS, and my lifelong favorite team is playing in it. 

(hint: first time back since 2008… and they don’t cheat like the opponent) 

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5 hours ago, High School Harry said:

Brown Outs

Browns injury report

  • OT Joe Haeg (Out)
  • Te David Njoku (Out)
  • RG Wyatt Teller (Out)
  • CB Denzel Ward (Out)
  • TE Pharaoh Brown (Questionable)
  • CB Greg Newsome II (Questionable)
  • LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (Questionable)
  • CB Greedy Williams (Questionable)

Chess match..

We lose our best WR...

Thet lose their best CB in Ward..

Kind of evens out no?

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