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Cleveland Football Team (Episode 1) Week

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If I move to Memphis and change my name to Elvis, do I -become- Elvis?  Do I inherit his musical legacy, his fame, Graceland and all that?


No. Of course not. That's stupid.


If the NFL says I'm Elvis, does that make me Elvis?


Lol.  The NFL is a private business and certainly cannot change reality to suit their narrative.  A bunch of suits on Park Avenue saying I'm Elvis does not make me Elvis.  That's even stupider.


I'm not Elvis.


Those aren't the Browns.


If they want to be named after their franchise's founder, then they're named after THEIR founder, making them the Cleveland "Lerners"

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I've been concerned about this game for a while too.

Given the way the Brown's can run the ball and our defensive injuries is a recipe for a tough game.

Not only that but they always seem to play their best against us - hell, we never beat Mayfield.

I do feel a little better after watching us handle the Atlanta ground game yesterday - surprisingly well.

Also - as stated somewhere, Tufele is like a gift from heaven.

Win this one and we're rollin!

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50 minutes ago, Jamie_B said:

If we can get Reader and Wilson back for this game it would be huge

We held Atlanta and their vaunted rushing offense to 214 total yards yesterday, and 75 of those came on one play, without Reader and Wilson. 


Would be nice to have them back but I would rather they be completely healthy for the latter part of the season.


It's nice to see we have quality backups. 

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Cleveland Browns screamed and yelled in locker room after loss to Ravens :pursefight:, per report 


Dave Clark, Cincinnati Enquirer  Sun, October 23, 2022, 11:10 PM

The Cleveland Browns fell to 2-5 this season with their fourth consecutive defeat, a 23-20 loss to the AFC North rival Ravens in Baltimore.
According to a report from Cleveland.com's Mary Kay Cabot, players screamed and yelled in the locker room after the loss, loudly enough that it could be heard in the adjacent interview room while head coach Kevin Stefanski and two players spoke with media.
The Browns are scheduled to face the Bengals next week (Oct. 31), Cincinnati's first game on a Monday night in Cleveland since 1990. Quarterback Deshaun Watson, serving an 11-game suspension, remains unavailable to play.
More from Cabot's report:
The rants, which included a reference to leadership, went on for nearly five minutes and ceased just before Stefanski blew through the doors to break down the Browns’ fourth straight loss, one that dropped them to 2-5 heading into the Monday Night Halloween game against the Bengals.
“Yeah, that’s normal,” Stefanski said after the game. “Normal football.”
Garrett, who took it upon himself to calm the waters, was asked about the tirade.
“You’ve never been in a football locker room?” the defensive end asked.
Uh, well yeah.
“Well, I hear a lot, too,” he said. “I think it’s just a lot of guys who are passionate about winning, passionate about the game, and they’re going to voice their opinions. Sometimes it spills out where people from the outside can hear. But nobody is no worse for the wear. I think everybody is just very intent on winning and fixing what we have going wrong.”
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