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* ROUND 1 of the 2023 NFL DRAFT *

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17 minutes ago, TigerJ@w said:

Tell that to NE and KC.  I take it back, watch the Stoolers get Mayer unless New Orleans takes him. 


KC beat Cincinnati because of Jones

Rams beat Cincinnati because of Donald 


Patriots won Super Bowls with Vrabel as a red zone tight end. 

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6 hours ago, spicoli said:

Man Stroud is so fucking accurate on every level. That said, he’s been throwing to Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson, Marvin Harrison, Smith- Njigba, Emeka Egbuka and Julian Fleming the last 2 years, he will NEVER have that kind of talent to throw to again. 

He threw it accurately to all his receivers..

Its a two way street.

He's really good..


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11 hours ago, tibor75 said:

Great pick.  The reason the Bengals don't have a Super Bowl win is always their defense.  Good, but not good enough.


You have Burrow, Higgins, and Chase.  And hopefully now an OL.  Tight end frankly isn't that important.  


Need to rush the passer.  Hubbard is fine but they need to do better.  

No, the offensive line is the reason plain and simple. That said, this was the pick since there was not an O lineman worthy

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1 hour ago, Jackie Treehorn said:

Pretty interesting chart to visualize steals vs reaches in the 1st based on this person's big board



The math is simple. Subtract the spot each player was taken in from where he was ranked by consensus.


Worst = Lions, Cowboys, Guardians, Chiefs - all of whom selected 2nd round players


Best = Bengals

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If they ranked Gibbs above Robinson, they made a mistake. They should have taken Gonzalez at 12 and probably a D-lineman at 18. Gibbs would have been available there too. With pick 33, they maybe still could have had Gibbs. 


Lions had 2 massive reaches. The other teams with multiple first round picks, the Texans, Seahawks, and Eagles all did much better. 

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