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* ROUND 2 & 3 of the 2023 NFL DRAFT *

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DJ Turner-Michigan (2)
Kelee Ringo-Ga (2) ST
Darius Rush-S Carolina (2)
Cam Smith-S Carolina (2)
Garrett Williams-Syracuse (3)
Dawand Jones-OSU (2)
O'Cyrus Torrnece-Florida
Adetomiwa Adebawore-Nwestern (2) C
Keeanu Benton-Wisconsin (2) C NT
Gervon Dexter-Florida (2)
Brian Branch-Alabama (2)
John Micheal Schmitz-Minnesota
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1 minute ago, MichaelWeston said:

Such a deep RB draft that I think its too early.....


But its also a deep CB draft and no one has gone yet.....


I hate to say it but Washington wouldn't be bad in round 2. 

I am with you.. a good TE would make this offense bonkers... I wanted inlaid, but he went too early

I really just want someone that can contribute this year.... 

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3 minutes ago, spicoli said:

Why don’t you want him other than he’s a RB? 


Really this biggest thing is the RB thing.  I feel like we need to get more dynamic on offense and while I think he’ll be solid, I don’t think he’ll be special.  I don’t think he really adds anything to our offense, maybe just allows us to get rid of Mixon.  Looks like Seattle just took him.


For the record, I was all in on Gibbs at 28 though…I thought he’d really unlock this offense.

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8 minutes ago, spicoli said:

Who they gonna get at this point that’s better than Irv Smith?


Lots of guys. Smith is an ok receiver but can't block. Sample can block but not run routes. So we have 2 backup caliber TEs. Washington would be a massive upgrade as would be other guys such as Kraft, Schoonmaker, probably Kuntz and Allen as well. We don't even need a TE in round 2 to find a starter. 

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