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Training Camp Thread 5 - News & Obs (Joint practice w/ Rams week)

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Closed to the public but open to reporters so we should get a ton of obs/news. 


I dropped it in the Bates thread, but the week apparently starts with Bates in the bldg. Presumably news he has signed finally to play out the year. 

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1 hour ago, Shebengal said:

Thad Moss has done nothing to impress me. He can't live off of his dad's reputation. 



Agree... also being Joe and Ja'Marr's friend.


I thought he was gone after a holding call negated a 60 yard run by Evans.

And he added another later  in the game.

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1 minute ago, Le Tigre said:

Carman still listed as Numero Uno. 



This shouldn't surprise people, Pollack said the #1 thing he wants is consistency, you arent going to get hat right away with Volson. He's also praised Carman early on in camp about how hes come in ready vs last year. One bad game playing along side guys who wolnt start isnt going to change that. For Volson to be the starter Carman is going to have to have several bad games playing next to Williams and Karas and Volson is going to have to impress in practice to take over that spot. 


This is a case of shiny new toy syndrome that Bengals fans always have


Folks would do better to listen to the coaches and what they are saying between the lines. This same thing happened when we drafted Chase last year, Taylor said he was happy with Williams, that should have been the clue that we were drafting Chase, but folks here seem to think thye know better then the coaches.

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