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Non-Bengals NFL Wild Card Weekend Games Thread

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22 minutes ago, Le Tigre said:

I am rather curious as to the LAC/JAX matchup. Interested how Sunshine acclimates to the playoff pressure. Herbert as well. 

Same, JAX is on a roll and at home. Losing Mike Williams sucks for the Chargers. I think Jax takes this one.

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36 minutes ago, Bleeds Orange said:

The Chargers are going to beat the Jaguars in Jacksonville today.

The Chargers are going to beat the Chefs in Kansas City next weekend.

They will struggle to beat Jaguars without Mike Williams. Supposedly there's a decent chance Williams could return for the KC game if the Chargers win tonight. They would have close to zero chance to beat KC without Williams though.

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1 hour ago, tibor75 said:

I'm torn on Tampa bay and Dallas.  


I mean of course I want Brady to fail, but seeing sad Jerry Jones dealing with yet another playoff loss would be hilarious.  

Dallas-TB game..

Pickem no?

Prescott isnt as clutch as the old timer in big games so Ill ride with Tommyboy..

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