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Non-Bengals NFL Wild Card Weekend Games Thread

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Wow.. I turned it off at 27-0.. Came back in the 4th when it was 30-20 thinking there is a chance.. I did not know this would happen.. Wow.. So Dolphins need to win (which they will not) to get us Jacksonville in the 2nd round if we win tomorrow. Wouldn't that be something if Bills lost tomorrow? Division games are tough, even with a backup QB. 

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4 minutes ago, Griever said:



I never understood this.  I never understood why the Bengals odds were so low. 

I bet 50 bucks on the Bengals to win the super bowl when I was traveling through Michigan last summer.  The return if they do it?  1000 bucks. 

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2 hours ago, Jamie_B said:

They are sitting on the routes because the Jax WRs dont have the speed to get over the top 


Got to think Jax takes a WR with their 1st pick


Remember a comment about going all out to hookup Trevor with Tee again..


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I'm on record as saying Herbert would be the next QB after Burrow if I was starting franchise.


So it just doesn't add up that the Chargers keep shitting the bed. A coaching change is definitely needed and it could be that Herbert has all the juice in his arm and just isn't a natural leader. 


Either way ... Twitter is now settled 



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16 minutes ago, BlackJesus said:


It's how we ultimately and imperfectly determine "greatness" at the position, since the hundreds of other variables are too numerous to quantify. 

Get that…for that position. 

There were 11 other positions on defense—plus their coordinator—who directly allowed 24 second half points. 

That is quantifiable. 

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