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2023 Free Agency thread

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14 hours ago, BengalFanInTO said:

I really like the signing of Nick Scott. The guy has some dog in him. I think he'll fit well with this defense. Good contract, too. If they land a veteran TE and re-sign Apple (or Ya-Sin, Peters, Griffin or Hill) and Flowers, I will be pleased with this free agency period. 

Scott is another punishing tackler they seem tp prefer..

Its not only the speed to cover but that impact in the tackle.. 

Dbackfield getting the look of a fast and extremely.physical force.....force...


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17 minutes ago, sparky151 said:

Um, I wouldn't compare Moreau to Mayer. Foster was a backup player with the Raiders until Waller got hurt. Mayer is probably a day 1 starter who gets compared a lot to Jason Witten. 

Id watch Foster more. He's been behind a top 5 tight end. Mayer is fine but he isn't a great athlete. They would be similar in this offense. Mayer is probably better but it's close enough not to waste a first rounder. They are both all around tight ends. 

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2 hours ago, MichaelWeston said:

I really want them to sign Moreau because I think he is so similar to Mayer that we then wouldn't draft Mayer and I think a TE in round 1 is a bad move financially. 

No way they draft a TE in Rd 1. Dline or CB IMO unless someone (aside from TEs) free falls to the end of Rd 1


If Bresee is there at 28, he’s a Bengal. 

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Free Agency Day 6. My strategy would be to sign young players to long term contracts who can keep us from using draft picks. It's a deep draft at slot WR but if you get a veteran slot WR you don't need to do that and can use resources elsewhere. There are not a ton of those players but a couple at TE and WR would work well. 


RB: Still lots of guys available if you want to replace Mixon. Releasing Mixon saves you 7 million this year. If you can replace him with a guy who costs 2-3-4 Million. Is it worth it? Who is out there?

Younger starters with longer deals

1. Devin Singletary-Bills

2. Damien Harris-Pats

Older guys where we would want to draft a RB early

1. Zeke Elliott-Cowboys (I thought he was washed but watching highlights he might be fine in a true split backfield for a passing team)

2. Leonard Fournette-Bucs

3. Kareem Hunt-Browns

Rotational guys

1. Ty Johnson-Jets (should come really cheap and has some upside)

2. D'Ernest Johnson-Browns (Was an effective rotational guy in 2021)

3. Ronald Jones-Chiefs

4. Jerrick McKinnon-Chiefs


WR: Mack Hollins just went for 2.5 Million. Hollins isn't a star but he caught 57 catches for 690 yards and 4 tds last year and can play special teams. This market has sunk and I am curious if we shouldn't be looking to add an impact veteran. for depth. 

1. MeCole Hardman is 25, and would provide the speed they are trying to add. 

2. Olimade Zaccheaus is 26, can play inside and out and caught 40-533-3. He is my favorite and the kind of player that I think you could sign to be a top backup this year and then replace Boyd next year. 

3. Chris Moore is a UC Grad. At 6'1 206 he can play inside and out and on teams. He is 30 but caught 48-548 and 2 last year. 


TE: This is the position where I think we can most sign a player to eliminate the possibility to use a draft pick on a TE in round one. A draft pick on a Round 1 TE does not make financial sense when you compare costs. You should take a position in round 1 where the difference in your free agent starter and a draft pick starter are great. That's essentially all positions but TE and RB. RB makes some sense in round 1 because you can pay them for 5 years, franchise them for 1 year and just let them walk.

Long term starters

1. Foster Moreau-Raiders is just 26, played with Burrow at LSU, cam block and caught 33-420-2 last year while splitting time with Darren Waller. Moreau has fallen into our laps and could take TE completely off the board in round 1. Which he should. He is actually a much better athlete than Mayer. We'd likely lose a 5th rounder in 2024 with this signing but well worth it. 

2. Dalton Schultz-Cowboys is 27, I assume he will cost more but maybe not. 

Short term starters

1. Austin Hooper-Titans

2. Cameron Brate-Bucs

3. Irv Smith-Vikings


OL: Lots of needs left and some moving pieces. 

Interior Depth

1-Ben Jones-Titans, Cap Casualty

2-Matt Skura-Rams

3-Pat Elfein-Panthers, Cap Casualty

4-Max Garcia-Cardinals

That guy is still around Vonn Bell award

1-Dalton Risner-We wanted to draft him and he is still there. LG only

Right Tackle to start for the short term

1-Cameron Fleming-Broncos

2-Matt Feiler-Chargers, Cap Casualty

3-Isaiah Wynn-Patriots (Wynn is just 26 so maybe he could start long term?)

4-Brandon Shell-Dolphins (Coached by Pollack, 11 starts last year at RT)


DT: I would love to have a veteran here and not have to use a pick for depth. This position was loaded and some guys made a ton. There are still some good guys left. 

1. Calais Campbell-Ravens, Cap Casualty, 37 and coached by Hobby

2. Matt Ioannidis-Panthers

3. Kentavius Street-Saints


DE: Same as DT. If we can get a guy, and we probably can for cheap late in free agency we should. We have 4 locks at DE already

Hobby Bros

1-Yannick Ngakoue-Colts

2-Duwuane Smoot-Jags

3-Shaq Lawson-Bills

4-Donte Fowler-Cowboys

Betcher Bro

1-Markus Golden-Cards, Cap Casualty

Miscellaneous vets

1-Frank Clark-Chiefs, Cap Casualty

2-Leonard Floyd-Rams, Cap Casualty

3-Justin Houston-Ravens

4-Melvin Ingram-Dolphins


S: We are going from 172 career starts to 19. We could use a versatile veteran to be the primary backup at S.

1. Duran Harmon-Raiders, 78 starts

2. Kareem Jackson-Broncos, 95 starts

3. John Johnson-Browns, 80 starts

4. Bobby McCain-Commanders, 67 starts

5. LaMarcus Joyner-Jets, 73 starts

6. Adrian Amos-Packers, 122 starts

7. Logan Ryan-Bucs, 121 starts

8. Rodney McLeod-Colts, 138 starts


CB: I think we draft one early but a vet would be nice

1. Eli Apple

2. Sidney Jones-Dolphins, coached by Burks

3. Antonio Hamilton-Cardinals, coached by Bettcher

4. Grant Haley-Rams, coached by Anarumo and Bettcher



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14 hours ago, IKOTA said:

No way they draft a TE in Rd 1. Dline or CB IMO unless someone (aside from TEs) free falls to the end of Rd 1


If Bresee is there at 28, he’s a Bengal. 


13 hours ago, spicoli said:

Yes please 


What do you like about Bresee?

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