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2023 Free Agency thread

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Starting this now so we can talk about how to fix the issues that kept us out of the SB.


Keep our own guys


- I think it's obvious that Bates is gone, we should focus on trying to keep Bell. Losing both Safeties would be bad.

- Sign Hurst to a team friendly deal, he wants to be here he should be affordable. Sign Sample for a year, that should take care of the TE room. 

- I don't think Perine will break the bank, I'd like to have him back, but if he wants starter money he can move on.

- Joe Burrow is going to get a new contract, I hope he looks across the field at what Mahomes got and why they are back in the SB and take a deal that is similar, making him the highest paid QB that isn't team friendly is going to hurt his chances to win a SB.

- Pratt has played out of his mind this year, he said he wants to be back if the team wants him, I want him back for his play, but how he handled himself with Ossai puts me on the fence about it now. We can not have selfish players in this locker room.

- Tee is still under contract so no need to make a move yet with him, but if we are going to keep as many good guys as we can, he and Jamar are both going to be hard to keep. I want Logan Wilson back for instance.

- I saw where Joe Mixon said he wants to stay here with the team that drafted him for the long term. I still say you folks that are down on him don't pay attention to the lack of holes for him to run through. However I would consider asking him to rework his deal to give the team more money.

- Unfortunately we signed Williams to his 5th year option, so he will be the LT next year, but I was encouraged by what I saw out of Carmen enough to make him and Williams have a camp battle for it.

- Apple talks too much for me but he has been solid most of the time. I'd like to draft another CB early and make Apple the 4th option.


Joe's upcoming contract and keeping our own, may make it prohibitive for us getting much else in FA, we may be back to talking about 2nd tier guys.

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The reality is the Bengals have quite a few nice players, which is the main reason they have had the success they have had.  As Burrow, Higgins, Chase, and other come off their rookie deals the money will get tighter.  They won't be able to keep everyone.  Here are a few of my opinions about who to keep and let go.


Obviously they are going to keep Burrow and Chase. 


I think they should want to keep Higgins, but some of this depends upon Higgins.  Is he OK with his role?  My bet is that he stays.


I'm on the fence with Mixon.  When he sees the hole he runs hard.  When he doesn't he runs with a lot less authority.  He gets paid like a top back, but doesn't always play like one.  I bet he is here next season for sure.  Down the road, we'll see.  Wouldn't be surprised to see a RB taken on day 2 of the draft.


At the LB position I think it's time to let Pratt move along.  On a team that prides itself on being together Pratt keeps making himself the focus.  Complaining about not playing on third down in public.  Ripping Ossai last night.  Not a very good team player, IMO.  They have to save dough somewhere and I think Pratt is that somewhere.  Keep Wilson and see what else is available via FA and draft.


I hope to heaven that the Bengals find a replacement for Williams over the next year or so.  He's locked in next season, but he's not good.  Not worth starting LT money.  If the Bengals replace him he'll most likely be a backup somewhere or start on a team with a shitty OL.  Carman impressed me the past few weeks.  It's obvious he took his demotion the right way and worked hard on his technique.  That was his big issue and glad that he's made advances.  Interested to see what Jackson Carman shows up at camp next summer.


The Bengals still need a punter.  Chrisman's line drives are return makers as we saw last night.  Not impressed at all. 

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Unrestricted Free Agents

QB Brandon Allen

CB Eli Apple

S Jessie Bates III

S Vonn Bell

CB Jalen Davis

CB Tre Flowers

LS Clark Harris

TE Hayden Hurst

RB Samaje Perine

LB Germaine Pratt

TE Drew Sample

G Max Scharping

WR Trent Taylor

S Michael Thomas

RB Trayveon Williams


Restricted/Exclusive-Rights Free Agents

LS Cal Adomitis

LB Joe Bachie

LB Clay Johnston

TE Mitchell Wilcox

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Hurst - We need to bring him back.  Better than CJ and genuinely seems to love playing for the team.

Bates is gone - We won't offer him what he wants and he isn't worth what he wants.

Bell - Would like to sign him

Perine - I think we will re-sign him and it won't break the bank.

Pratt is probably gone as well.  Probably wants more than he is worth or at least what we are willing to pay.



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13 minutes ago, Montana Bengal said:

Unrestricted Free Agents

QB Brandon Allen  ----------> I expect he's re-signed, but I'd still prefer a backup that is more likely to win a game if required, this guy has always been a clipboard holder only.

CB Eli Apple -----------------> I'm fine if he's allowed to leave, we have Chido and CTB.  If Lou leaves I think he's definitely gone, it seems Lou is the one who keeps him around.

S Jessie Bates III -------------> Would love to keep him but the writing has been on the wall for a long time, we just can't afford it.

S Vonn Bell ------------------> Definitely keep him, but someone could swoop in and overpay.

CB Jalen Davis ---------------> Doesn't really matter, but I expect they keep him.

CB Tre Flowers ---------------> Wouldn't bother me if he leaves but I expect they keep him.

LS Clark Harris ---------------> Time to retire.

TE Hayden Hurst -------------> I really hope they keep him, it would suck to have reset at this position again and he played well, but someone might overpay.

RB Samaje Perine ------------> Definitely want to keep him.

LB Germaine Pratt -----------> I think the only way he sticks is if he doesn't get the money he's (already) looking for elsewhere.  The AFCC post game was a terrible look though.

TE Drew Sample -------------> I honestly don't care if they let him leave, he's never lived up to his draft position and Wilcox was much better than I expected filling in.

G Max Scharping ------------> Would like to have him back, a capable backup, but I expect him to leave.

WR Trent Taylor --------------> I expect him back but wouldn't care much if he leaves.

S Michael Thomas -----------> This dude seems to set the tone on coverage teams, keep him around if the price is right.

RB Trayveon Williams --------> Would be nice to keep him but they don't need him, once again it's a price question.


I figure all the restricted FAs will be re-signed.


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I think Bell, Hurst, and Perine want to be here and won't be especially hard to re-sign. Bates and Pratt haven't been elsewhere yet in their careers and will certainly test the market. Pretty sure Bates leaves with Hill as his replacement. Pratt likely gets a good offer elsewhere but if he'll take 7 mil or something like that, he'd be back. 


We ought to move on from Allen, Harris, Sharping, and Williams. Apple might have a market this year but his mouth costs him. The others shouldn't be too expensive, though Spotrac crazily thinks Tre Flowers is worth 11 mil per year. We'll probably try to extend Wilson and Higgins as they go into the last year of their rookie deals. Maybe Burrow too though we don't really need to rush with him. 

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10 minutes ago, Cat said:

Obviously O Line has to be the priority - but damn, I'd like to see more interior pass rush. I love BJ Hill, but man we were missing Ogunjobi type pressure all season.


I think they drafted Carter for that. But yes the pass rush this year was down compared to last year. Hendrickson still had good pressure numbers but was not getting home as much.

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The Bengals today signed 12 players to Reserve/Future contracts. They will not count on the team's active list until Feb. 13, the Monday after the Super Bowl. All 12 players finished the season on the team's practice squad. They are:

  • TE Nick Bowers
  • QB Jake Browning
  • DE Owen Carney
  • OT Devin Cochran
  • S Yusuf Corker
  • DT Domenique Davis
  • G Nate Gilliam
  • TE Tanner Hudson
  • DE Raymond Johnson III
  • LB Keandre Jones
  • WR Kwamie Lassiter II
  • CB Marvell Tell III




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2 hours ago, sparky151 said:

He started ahead of Carman in the Super Bowl last year.


2 hours ago, sparky151 said:

He started ahead of Carman in the Super Bowl last year.

Yes he did..

He was terrible in 2021 playoffs as his 36.8 pff indicatated.


Its all moot anyway..hes gone.




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