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Schedule Release thread

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3 hours ago, BlackJesus said:

Squeelers fans already crying 😂 





So the Stooler doesn't consider the Bengals Super Bowl Contenders as it would make it 4 games in a row.  Lastly, how does anyone know who is a Super Bowl Contender until they play games?  A Stooler Fan knows all.  How can any Stooler fan complain about not getting breaks in anything with the league?  Wow! 

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10 hours ago, BlackJesus said:

Lots of Thursday night injuries coming this season 😢 




Thursday night games should only be played after a teams bye week, 10 day break---game---10 day break---game. Players wou1d probably love it.

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Cincinnati Bengals


Three marquee matchups:


Biggest takeaways:

  1. Cleared for takeoff. Cincinnati's first six weeks include meetings with just two teams that finished 2023 with winning records (the Chiefs in Week 2 and the Ravens in Week 5), and only one of those matchups (at Kansas City) comes on the road. New England (Week 1), Washington (Week 3) and Carolina (Week 4), owners of the top three picks in the 2024 NFL Draft (though Carolina's pick went to Chicago), are all on tap in the first month, and logic holds that, with a healthy Joe Burrow, the Bengals should get off to a fast start. It gets tougher from there, but even so, the first truly grueling stretch won't hit until December (more on that later). That should produce a more encouraging opening to the 2024 season than 2023 (when Cincinnati started 1-3) did.
  2. Primed for prime time. If you thought the league might be overlooking Cincinnati, you thought wrong. The Bengals currently have five prime-time games in 2024, plus three late-window Sunday games, making for nearly half of a season played in front of a large television audience. That's what happens when you feature one of the game's brightest young stars at quarterback, plus a roster that seems, well, primed for a return to the postseason. Expectations are high for these Bengals, even allowing for the fact that they're playing in arguably the toughest division in football.
  3. Winter = winning time. We talked about that potentially favorable start for the Bengals, but given that the AFC North will likely come down to the wire, it's truly all about the finish for Cincinnati in 2024. The Bengals come out of the bye with a home game against Pittsburgh (Week 13), travel to Dallas (Week 14 on Monday night) and Tennessee (Week 15) in consecutive games, then host the Browns for a Week 16 Thursday night showdown that could carry massive implications. Those four games occur in an 18-day span. Oh, and the regular-season finale is a road game in Pittsburgh. If the Bengals are going to fulfill their potential, they're going to have to close out strong, and the schedule won't make it easy.


-- Nick Shook

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No Pisspuke on a Sunday night, so we don’t have to listen to Collinsworth slobber all over the Squeelers. 

I like the timing of our bye week, especially going into 3 games in 19 days after that. 

KC in September instead of December or January is good. 

The only thing I don’t like is Cleveland on Thursday night since it’s on Prime Video and that’s a big game at my house, but we can find a stream to watch.

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