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The Official 2021 First Round Draft Thread !!!

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If it's Chase over Sewell, then I think arm length probably broke the tie in Chase's favor. 


Sewell has the arms of a guard, not a tackle imo.


Both of these guys are essentially 6'5, but notice the reach difference ...


Penei Sewell

Arms: 33 ¼

Wingspan: 80 7/8


Alex Leatherwood

Arms: 34 3/8″

Wingspan: 85 3/8


5 extra inches of 'wings' makes a big difference in a league where a few inches is the difference between a touchdown pass and a stripped fumble from a wrapping around DE. 

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They way I see it....  Higgins and Boyd will be up for UFA in 2024.  It will be Higgins 1st non-rookie contract and Boyd will probably go elsewhere at the age of like 29.  So it would just be Higgins until Chase (if they pick him) having his contract go for hopefully 5 years.  Mixon's contract will end the year before Chase's and he'll be 29 at that point.  So they'll have 4 or so years to come up with replacements for Mixon and Boyd.

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5 minutes ago, HavePityPlease said:

Nobody gives a shit Roger



Goodell is 100% the kind of guy that has dinner parties just to secretly spit in his guest's drinks.


Not because he doesn't like them, but because that's just who he is as a person.

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