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Bengals vs Falcons - Gameday thread

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29 minutes ago, tibor75 said:

How badly does Huber need to play before his ass is cut?  


Who do you want holding when kicking a game winning FG in the playoffs!  That's your answer right there!


I'm fine with Huber for this, his last season.

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4 hours ago, UncleEarl said:


That's really cool.  The Blackburn women are doing a hell of a job.  I know Mike Brown is still officially in charge, but this is a great story about a woman running a NFL franchise.


It really is

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That last sack was my fault. Hopefully PFF can hear this and make the grade appropriate for whoever ended up getting beat on that.

— Cincinnati center Ted Karras, in what I believe is a first in NFL history — an offensive lineman saying publicly he wanted a sack assigned to him in the Pro Football Focus grades. I kind of like the honesty.

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7 hours ago, Gary said:

Was that a TD that Higgins caught? I was watching it on a sub par feed and it looked like he bounced off the ground when the football was over the line. What was said?

should have been a TD. Ball broke plane of goal line.

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12 hours ago, High School Harry said:


FWIW... this was the most awesome flyover ever even though only two aircraft.

Came from the city side, did not know there were there until they were on top of you,

low and LOUD!  Fantastic.


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