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16 minutes ago, UncleEarl said:

Marino to Duper and Clayton. 

Hey, I know it’s a threesome, but threesomes are cool!

Not if it is a sausage fest!  

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Shame on the Brown family,  you invest in such a young promising talent that honestly doesn’t look like a rookie quarterback on the field but you fail to build an offensive line to protect him!  Brown

Oh, hey there QB1.    

Should come as a surprise to no one.  There's no curse or bad luck. It's gross negligence from ownership, period.

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8 minutes ago, High School Harry said:

I was wondering if that was Fat Randy's locker next to him.

lol, i was thinking Finley's old locker

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Love hearing updates on how the guy is doing, but that was a bit....awkward.  I'm not sure if his parents weren't portrayed accurately, but they seemed like prototypical helicopter parents.  He's a grown man.  Go watch the games, enjoy them and STFU. 

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