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* Dolphins Game Night Thread *

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I think the line needed time (duh) and it will keep getting better from here. I am super encouraged about Volson - I think we found a pro there and he will be the answer at LG for a long time. 

I don't know what is up with Mixon - it literally looks like he is missing burst. the play which laid that bare was the run late after the second Bell INT when he cut it back to the left and had it wide open and had only one guy to beat and completely couldn't make him miss.

Maybe he really has hit the Zeke wall too. Could be it's just gone. Happens.  Wouldn't surprise me to see him with a bit more bounce after this mini-bye.

Seriously, I generally have no complaints. This last five days was crucial and saved the season (as in, made it meaningful going forward). I expect that next year ZT will be a little more aggressive in getting some run for the regulars in at least one pre-season game. I give him a bit of  a pass for this year b/c of Burrow's ill-timed appendix rupture. I think that made camp weird.


Regardless, happy to see the team I more recognize. Happy. 

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10 hours ago, Cricket said:

The first double-digit win for the Bengals since the 41-21 win over the Ravens on 12/26/21.  


Have you forgotten about the Jets game from last Sunday already??


Here's a stat for you. Going into this game, Miami was 4 for 4 scoring TD's in goal to go situations. Last night we held them to a FG and a TD and they missed the extra point on the TD. 



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