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    I completely disagree, it makes no sense to keep him. You can save millions of dollars, send an example to the young players on the roster that this behaviour won't be tolerated, and show your fans you actually care about the image of the team and the impact's players have on the community. Pacman is a embarrassment and a huge liability on and off the field.
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    It is truly difficult to believe a few things for me... 1. How can he be so fucking stupid? 2. How can decision makers in this organization put up with him making them look ridiculous? 3. How can you expect anybody to instill any discipline with young players when you see what you let this asshole get away with time and time and time again?
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    Dude has been arrested more times in a calendar year than a lot of us have been in our entire lives. But yeah, we're probably just all a bunch of judgmental, dickhead racists.
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    That's Andre Smith. Oh, wait, you said tatts.
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    I'm not happy for the death of anyone not named Hitler or Manson. But I won't be bothered at all if what happened to the Bengals after Paul died happens to the stealers.
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    So when Pacman got kicked out of the Horseshoe(a casino in which he was previously banned) for being racist to a Korean dealer, that was ok or when he was escorted out of the Rising Sun for being a jackass that's obviously not his fault. Or any of the other 7-8 times he's gotten arrested, it's the whole city of Cincinnati that's against him...Pacman vs. the world. How is that every other player on the Bengals seem to avoid these type of incidents but him? This is over 10 years old, but still very relevant: We all know how the Vegas incident turned out. Anyone that tries to defend the actions of a career criminal, a 33 year old man that has been arrested 9 times in the past 10 years, losses any and all credibility with most logical law abiding citizens. There is no grand conspiracy to make Pacman look like a moron who can't keep himself out of the back of a squad car, it's his actions that put him there. The fact that the leadership of the Bengals continually enable this guy is ridiculous and shows the level of ineptitude that currently exist within the organization. Please don't make this about race, it's about being responsible for your actions and respecting others. lolz...you spent a few hours with the guy so you can vouch for his character, that's a clown statement bro..you come off like a cleat chasing, jock sniffing, grown man wearing another grown man's jersey fan boy that is incapable of a rational opinion about his favorite football player that happens to be a world class POS. Well I've met him too and he was a douchebag. I know people that sell him weed and others that have met him and they say he's an arrogant dickhead who thinks he's better than others. Sure he bought some bikes for the kids in Zone 15 but he's still acting like a complete asshole, hell Nino Brown gave out turkeys for Thanksgiving but sold crack in the community. He's a liability on and off the field, only the inept leadership of the Bengals would employ his guy after his 10th arrest in the past 15 years. He could not even work for most companies with his arrest record, but the Bengals will pay him millions of dollars to represent the city...it's a joke.
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    http://www.mydaytondailynews.com/sports/pacman-jones-blows-reporter-during-interview/QeIncjhQ1J2EJnUJ2bgYoL/ “Didn’t I just tell you don’t ask me that?” Jones said. “You out the (interview). Turn around. Go back that way. See you. Next question. That’s his last interview for the year.” The reporter complied, but Jones, who reportedly was taking anger management classes in wake of his arrest, continued to berate the reporter, who had walked clear away from his locker, while walking to the restroom after ending the interview, yelling at him for asking “stupid ass (expletive) questions.” Jones kept after the reporter after returning for the restroom, telling him to “shut the (expletive) up.” After a couple of teammates tried to calm Jones, Lewis entered the locker room and sat down to talk with him. lol Pacman being Pacman beep boop beep, he didn't kill anyone though, fans are idiots beep beep beep
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    I'd like to see Eifert rest this season and heal up, sit out 2018 to strengthen the muscles, use 2019 to get back into 'football shape', and then comeback to football part time in 2020 with an eye towards 2021 to play a full season.
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    The same way you can let a HC with the worst record in the HISTORY of the NFL in the playoffs keep his job after clearly showing his incompetence and ineptitude. I'm trying to figure out what does Pacman have to do to get cut because he clearly can't control his emotions. If this guy played a team in a bigger market with a more aggressive media he would be ran out of town so fast his head would spin.
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    It's no coincidence that Marvin's teams seem to melt down when it matters the most and he's the proud owner of the worst playoff record in the history of the NFL, especially when you read his latest interview in which he defends the recent actions of Pacman Jones: Well Marvin based on the 911 call, police camera footage, jail video, police report, eye witness accounts, etc... he did quite a bit. Marvin is clearly delusional if he thinks Pacman did nothing wrong besides his language, which includes wishing death upon a police officer for doing his job. Keep in mind this guy is a team captain, Marvin Lewis signed off on this. Pacman has proven time and time again that he can't control himself on or off the field, he's a liability in pressure situations and can't be trusted to not make a huge mistake when it matters the most. The Bengals don't hold these guys accountable when it matters the most and it's an embarrassment to everyone. As a season ticket holding, tax paying Hamilton county resident I'm disgusted by the Bengals reaction to this situation. I won't support the Bengals financially until Marvin and Pacman are no longer apart of the organization, because clearly Marvin doesn't take Pacman's repeated arrest seriously and has no clue how to build a championship team. At best, he's inept and incompetent and after 14 years and no playoff victories it's time to move on.
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    Maybe some people thought Hillary was ten kinds of untrustworthy crook and even Trump was better.
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    Honestly, you're cute and all that but I don't agree with you . You have An opinion that I am not comfortable with. Fixt it for you as well.
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    I might agree if not for the 10 different times this has hit the news rounds. The day after it happened, the team response release, the cruiser video, the station video, the report of rehab (or whatever), the coach comment, the owner comment, and now him showing his ass again to a reporter. It is simply enough already. It would be enough already if you DID NOT factor in his history of being a lawbreaker, a hot head on the field, and an overall jackass... but if you do add that all together, it sure adds up to a dumb fuck being out of the league entirely. ****unless of course he is under contract with the Bengals.
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    In the mind of MB the Bengals are an NFL-subsidized charity organization that sometimes participates in games of football.
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    Says the dude not even willing to make an av/sig bet. Lol? Beep boop beep, Bengals are awesome, fans that question them are dumb, beeeeeeep beeeeeeeep
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    The Texans traded their 2nd round pick and Osweiler to Browns. They do not have the Browns 2nd round pick next year. And this trade scenario would just be terrible. Drop 16 picks in the 1st round for the 89th pick and imaginary 2nd rounder next year. Horrible value, at least make this realistic.
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    This is the dumbest shit I've read in a while
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    And now you see why MB has never won a playoff game or had any substantial success in the NFL as an owner, the lack of accountability is mind boggling and sets a horrible example. Melt down in the playoffs and cost your team a victory with a stupid penalty, don't worry about it here's a 3 year/20 million dollar extension. Get arrested for the 10th time in 10 years on the night of the last game of the season, here's your 11th chance because you had it tough growing up 20 years ago. MB allows quality players to leave because he doesn't want to pay them market value but keeps perennial fuck ups because he feels sorry for them, who runs a successful business that way?
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    My annual contest will start in 9 days (April 15). Rules will be the same as last year. By now you all know them, so please make sure your contest entry post is in the correct format. Every year there is at least one who gets that part wrong. The prize will be any 1 item from the Bengals.com pro shop up to $50. I know who my tie breaker will be, but I'm not telling until I start the contest.
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    Whatever clown, you are the Pacman Jones of go-bengals.com
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    Gracias! I am now a point on a map. Woot!
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    So unemployment ended, had to tap into some deeper savings/stocks to pay bills, .. was doing side work for friends company.. they happened to open an entry level packaging job like $12/hr deal, i figured with the side money for web work and that i could get by longer... applied, went through interviews, was obviously best candidate but also obviously over quanified to fill web orders and thing.. but i was willing.. they gave it to some young kid.. better fit for a job title that includes cleaning the bathooms as needed. No big deal.. kept talking web stuff, the two owners dont want to deal with website stuff, so after a few weeks of talking, one mentions they MAY have something for me.. they talk more..meanwhile i decide im in desprate mode, and apply for my old technician job i did 3+ years ago back, Sprint sold off the technicians to asurion, so new company same crap, less corporate crap, so whatever.. as i hit submit my friend calls me. and says they have a job for me... actually he fucked with me and said "hey man i talked to (other owner) and unnfortunetly(my heart sank, i was soo depressed for a few seconds) we have to offer you a job" so i got a job, salary, M-F, 8-5, with friends, at a good company, benefits, etc. I will be relaunching the website, creating a wholesale portal for the wholesale accounts to place orders directly online, integrating the retail store POS and inventory into the same system as website and wholesale site, and theyll be opening a second retail store as well. Once launched we will also be selling other companies products alongside our own. so everything sold at the two retail stores will be sold online. Huge project for a multimillion dollar company, im excited, get to do what i enjoy, to do what i have always tried to do on my own but without all the parts i dont want to do. i started last week, so today was my 8th day.. drive is a litttttle bit far, but nothing crazy, 35-55 minutes depending on traffic. i avoid downtown but go from southeast to west side of town, so cross traffic can be brutal, but they are doubling the hgihway currently that i take so in a year it will be 20 minutes faster. #employed.
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    This is the worst pick since 2015, wtf is going on at PBS? This was a horrible reach, they should have taken the Cheifs trade or taken Allen.
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    Got some depth for the IR
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    I agree that they should. Then again, and maybe I'm just getting old, but the fact that this guy can't stay away from weed for a month or so to get it out of his system tells you something about how undisciplined he may truly be. You don't have the self control to do something that will benefit you to the terms of MILLIONS of dollars, what will you do when you have the money behind you to actually fuck around in a major way? I dunno. I like Foster's game, and even after the combine incident I kinda understood where he was coming from. But still...come on man... At the very least the fact that he's at least putting out the facade that he cares means that money is clearly a big motivation, as he knows he's hitting his draft stock. But incidents like this are directly fucking with it. What DO you care about?
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    next thing you know they are going to want to make sure citizens can live through disease too.. fuckin dems and their bullshit dreams of a healthy educated society.. all we need is jesus and tax breaks for rich people... its pretty simple.
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    If you like the show (or, frankly, even if you don't LOL), please consider following 'From the Cheap Seats' on SoundCloud. Also, if you'd like updates or are interested in being a periodic contributor (on polls, drafts, or whatever we come up with), send me a quick note at CheapSeatRadio@gmail.com. No spam ever. If you happen to be in the Sandhills of North Carolina, you can hear us weekly on WDCC, WEEB, or WUAW. Thanks, guys, for helping make the pick. Enjoy... https://soundcloud.com/user-692411087/ep-5-4172017-nfl-mock-draft
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    So Seattle is at 15 an hour now, and their unemployment rate?... 3.3% Could it be all those tell you that 15 an hour was a job killer were lying to you?
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    And so it begins...Doom lands an overhand right, flush on the face of MW! MW counters with a jab Doom responds with a jab of his own MW lands a vicious uppercut, sending the saucy newcomer stumbling back on his heels Doom charges back into the fray and lands another jab MW holds his ground, landing another uppercut...at this pace we are going to have the logic battle of the year. What is this, we have another challenger to enter the fray and he comes in swing..MW is getting double teamed, it's not looking good for MW. Wow...Jungle just landed a vicious hook, sending the self proclaimed logic champ reeling into the ropes. OMG...MW lands a thunderous right to face of the would be usurper to the logic throne and it doesn't look good from Jungle...his legs are shaking like a newborn calf, he's going down folks Doom sees that Jungle is taking a beating so he jumps in, determined to not let MW win this battle, and lands another counter jab Jungle has thrown in the towel, he tried but the personal attack was too much to handle.. And that is the end of the first round, what an action packed logic battle. MW came in ready to fight and he didn't disappoint, he used his self-proclaimed superior logic hold his ground and stand toe to toe with all challengers. Doom showed no fear and counter nicely, let's go to Harold Letterman for the scores for the first round. Harold: It's a tough one to score Jim, but I've got it MW 10 Doom 9.
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    1) You can hope. The fact that the Browns have the #1 pick and a desperate need at QB but aren't willing to take the most valuable position on the field first should tell you something. Any of those teams could be spreading misinfo to drive down the cost of a potential trade for Garropollo or AJ "Way Better Than Dalton" McCarron, trying to psyche another team... There's tons of ways rumors get started. 2) Burkehead replacing Hill as our starting back? No one is even thinking that. In any universe. On any team. Even the team that did sign him was looking for a real starting back. 3) TE is also a position where salaries have been going up because of it's importance to the modern NFL passing offense. The rest of that is written with such hyperbole... Umm, sure, EVERYONE who plays TE is injured. (So we don't have to debate who is the "Top"...) Same for RB. I'm against taking any skill positions until Round 6 at the earliest. Healthiest position: Punter. For that reason, we should take a punter with the #9 pick. You're working anecdotally from Eifert. A guy who was so great we had to sacrifice 2017 on the altar of what it will cost to re-sign him just a month ago. Dude has missed almost half of his NFL games, and has ~1,400 career yards. An "always injured" Gronk has averaged almost 1,000 yards a season an in 6 NFL seasons has ~20 more TD's than AJ green. Gronk has missed 16 games in 6 seasons. Green has missed 9. So, is WR also too injury plagued to invest early in? Jason Witten in Dallas has missed one game in 13 years. OJ Howard is not Tyler Eifert. He's also not Rob Gronkowski or Jason Whitten. Don't lay their trips at his feet. In fact, I would go exactly the opposite route and say that Eifert's injury history makes him too unreliable. Hence the need for a top TE. And from a "predicting the draft" standpoint... The Bengals have picked how many TE's in the first round in the last decade? I don't think they share your perspective on value for the position.
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    Yeah man. A rookie center is going to come in and easily take the locker room role of a 10 year vet, team captain, multiple time All-Pro that has played more games for the Bengals than anyone else on the roster. It's so simple!
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    I'm actually not from Pittsburgh, but it's the closest large city so I always use it as my location on message boards and whatnot. Nice...burn? I guess? I don't know, keep trying, your hack comedy is almost on par with your ability to comprehend standard message board betting etiquette and understanding that starting a football game =/= good performance. Seriously though, I know I'm a chicken and sort of near Pittsburgh so that means I'm poor or whatever, but do you want to fucking av/sig bet or not? I only want to bet on actual performance, not some joke of a stat like "number of starts". If you're a big, dumb, poor chicken like me, let's agree on a YPC or something similar and get on with it.
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    Not to start another Dalton thread, but your "limited" QB will pass the Quitter this season in virtually every positive category (in less time) and will be closing in on St. Norman for the #2 All-Time Bengals QB.
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    He never was. Just the usual drama queen attention whore shit
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    Paul Dehner Jr.‏Verified account @pauldehnerjr 22s23 seconds ago Last time #Bengals traded with Jacksonville they fleeced the Jags for Reggie Nelson. They could only dream this works out half as well.
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    Wow, we play the colts in the final preseason game! About damn time!!
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    Would that be on Meltdown Monday, Intoxicated Tuesday, Wild Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Fuck It Friday, Spittoon Saturday or Psycho Sunday?
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    Took me ~12 years to get there but at the rate you're going.. Few tips, though: Most people prefer pie fights to pie charts. Berating them about being "illogical" makes you sound more like Dr Spock. Try mixing in a little humor now and then. You're not cross-examining a witness. Nobody wants to decipher a misaligned table of questionable stats. Get in the game day threads once the season starts. You can easily hit 20-30 posts in there over the course of the game. At least 3-4 just posting "GOD DAMN IT ADAM/CED/ANDY!" at opportune moments. More stupid reaction gif memes and one-liners. This isn't an essay contest. Don't play the "victimized outsider" card too often. Nobody cares and it makes you sound like a dweeb. Check out the other subforums, where people do talk about shit that actually matters, like eggs. If you can't think of anything to post, you can always make fun of Jamie_B's spelling All that being said, I definitely care more about many of the weirdos on here and this dysfunctional community in general than I do some billionaire's plaything NFL franchise.
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    Only NFL Coach To Lose His First 7 Playoff Games: CHECK Only NFL Coach To Lose 7 Straight Playoff Games With The Same Team: CHECK Only NFL Coach To Lose 7 Straight Playoff Games Period: CHECK Only NFL Coach To Coach For 14 Straight Years With The Same Team And Not Win A Playoff Game: CHECK In 21 games he will also (potentially, but probably) become the NFL coach who has coached the most regular season games without a playoff win. Marvin Lewis, Jim E. Mora thanks you for your continued quest to be the losingest loser and helping him get his name off the top of some very dubious record books.
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    Ced always seemed like the type of dude who would workout in a sleeveless hoodie. This just confirms what we already knew.
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    That's more or less my answer. I've said it before but every other major pro sport has had their gambling scandal that resulted in better oversight and a general "cleaning up". The NFL has not. So either you believe the NFL does not and has never had a problem with corruption, or (and the facts back this up IMO) it was designed as corrupt from the beginning. Believe what you will, but I'm sure as hell not going to throw even more money at them for Sunday Ticket if they moved out of the local TV market. I'm not going to try and change your mind, but I will never understand this Stockholm Syndrome-like approach to NFL fandom. You aren't "cursed", you can free yourself as easily as picking up the remote. If you're that gung-ho with loyalty to the city and the Bengals are so painful to you, there are 1,000 other things you could be doing that would actually benefit the community in some real way, and/or yourself. We're just passively watching a television for a few hours once a week. This Terminal Fan stuff is so over-the-top melodramatic, IDK what to make of it. Sounds to me like a colossal waste of time and a drag on fans that actually like the team. Again, I know I'm not going to change it, but damned if I can make any sense of it or have any sympathy at all for it.
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    This isvalid and you raise a good point about the state of the sport in general. Watching the NFL become more and more corrupt has made me less of a fan & I've been fairly vocal about that. Consider, however, that there are roughly 1700 players on NFL rosters every year. How many have the sort of record Jones has racked up? This isn't a one-time incident, or even 2 or 3 times. It's a consistent pattern of behavior. Professional sports are not responsible for the actions of Adam "Pacman" Jones; he is. Nobody AFAIK is suggesting he be drawn & quartered. He's not being fed to the lions. He's made more money than most people will ever see in their lives. I don't think it's fair to fault the team's fans for being tired of his shit. He's a continual embarrassment to a franchise that's already been targeted as a scapegoat for the problems you describe. If I pulled half the shit he has over the last few years I would certainly lose my job and probably more. I think that applies to most everyone here. How is it ok to cut someone for losing 1/2 a step, or simply because there's a cheaper option available, but not for a pattern of reckless and irresponsible behavior that wouldn't be anywhere near so tolerated for the average person? While I agree that the NFL is a shady enterprise and doesn't have a leg to stand on as far as moralizing goes, Adam Jones is no martyr.
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    I don't think it has anything to do with money. Just drama queen Ben trying to get attention. Same as all the fake injuries and "miraculous" recoveries every year.
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    Really? Are we still doing this?