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How do they fix this?

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We are in a weird limbo. If we are bad....and lets say we lose to the Jets or go like 6-11 or something....which at this point looks very likely....where is the improvement. They won't fire the coach. The next step was supposed to be compete again for the super bowl and then pay Joe Burrow the best contract in the league. What in the world do we do now? Can we get Taylor to not call plays and focus on game and team management? Is it replacing Pollack? We have 1 offensive starter who is a FA and I fully expect him back. We have 4 on Defense and I expect Bell and Pratt back, Bates to be replaced by Hill and Apple to have competition at the least. But the problem is scheming and coaching and Burrow and the OL. How do you fix that with the same people who caused the problem? They can't run any semblance of an offense. 


QB Burrow 25 --> Burrow 25
RB Mixon 25 --> Mixon 25
WR Chase 26 --> Chase 26
WR Higgins 24 --> Higgins 24
WR Boyd 24 --> Boyd 24
TE Hurst 23 --> OPEN
LT Williams 24 --> Williams 24
LG Volson 26 --> Volson 26
C Karras 25 --> Karras 25
RG Cappa 26 --> Cappa 26
RT Collins 25 --> Collins 25
K McPherson 25 --> McPherson 25
P Huber 23 --> OPEN
LS Adamitis 26 --> Adamitis 26
LE Hubbard 26 --> Hubbard 26
LT Reader 24 --> Reader 24
RT Hill 25 --> Hill 25
RE Hendrickson 25 --> Hendrickson 25
WLB Wilson 24 --> Wilson 24
MLB Pratt 23 --> OPEN
SLB Davis-Gaither 24 --> Davis-Gaither 24
S Bell 23 --> OPEN
S Bates 23 --> Hill 27
CB Awuzie 24 --> Awuzie 24
CB Apple 23 --> OPEN
CB Hilton 25 --> Hilton 25
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18 minutes ago, Le Tigre said:

Where is Callahan in this equation? 


Seems like all the blame is going to the line coach, with Taylor getting a decent serving.  



This. Between him and Taylor they need to start getting better play calling in that forces teams to have to bring the safety down and stop doing 2 high coverage, whether that's finding ways to get Mixon the ball more, or getting Tee and Jamar balls right away and letting them make plays or getting Hurst even more involved, until we can prove we can play the short and medium game with consistency the long ball will not be there because teams will continue to play us in 2 high.

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Just now, Le Tigre said:

It could easily spiral that way. 


"it could spiral that way" and. "is likely at this point" are opposites.


These first two games are just the Bears and the packers games jumbled up and placed at the beginning of the year, IMO. we were never going to go 15-2, still arent. so whats it matter when 2 loses come?


we faced 2 of the best defenses in the league and only buffalo likely is even close on the rest of the schedule, and we faced them with a QB who again hasnt played all preseason coming off surgery and a line that ive detailed the jumbled mess they started off the season with a few times now, the Defense played good and keeping games winnable while the offense tries to get through its growing pains.


Every week that passes we have more and more film of opposing teams tendencies and more times out offense smooths things out, there is a bunch of winnable games on the schedule coming up. if we are still winless in two weeks its certainly panic time, but to be scalping coaches and stating we are likely going 6-11 is just silliness, IMO




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A trick question. Bravo! 

It can, of course, right itself. It can also spiral. Two games before panic sets in? Perhaps. 

Like a baseball team can go weeks mired in a slump, and then go on a mad spurt of consecutive wins. If the team is the Dodgers and not the Rockies. 

This football team is not the Dodgers. It has had one breakneck blind run from worst to (almost) first. That is wonderful—so did the Rockies once. Baseball metaphors aside, the ingrained culture of winning at a reliable pace has not (yet) been cemented. It could show itself even this season; it likely will not reach the heights of last season. 

“Super Bowl or Bust” mindset? The fans could have it…not for certain the franchise does. As the old saying goes “we shall see”

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1 hour ago, stryker57 said:

i mean WTF ,,,,,,,,

do we have a guy on a billboard again or something,, i am getting an awful familiar feeling about this season for some reason 


You're not alone.  0-2 isn't great but I'm not even worried about their record right now, I'm just hoping they don't ruin JB.  He doesn't look quite right, but why would he? Season after season of getting pummeled every game will wear down anybody, win or lose.

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10 minutes ago, T-Dub said:


You're not alone.  0-2 isn't great but I'm not even worried about their record right now, I'm just hoping they don't ruin JB.  He doesn't look quite right, but why would he? Season after season of getting pummeled every game will wear down anybody, win or lose.

Oline ineptness plus

The offense play calling system is bad.

What is it?

Pollack to Callahan to Taylor?

Something doesn't mesh right..



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This time is different.  The teams of only a few years ago sucked everywhere.  

This team has a very good defense which ranks 7th in yards given up.  If not for the 5 TOs and horrible field position they have had to deal with their points given up ranking would be better than 15th. 

The offense simply needs to get their shit together and the team will be fine.  They can’t have another performance like the first two or the mood will begin to swing south.  0-3 is a deep whole historically. 

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The head coach isn't doing a very good job. It was weird seeing the team throw 3 times near our own goal line on our last possession but not be able to get a first down despite completing passes. He's just not a good play caller. The best ones run plays to set up others. They mix up formations and motions and personnel packages early to see what the defense does. That's not our man Zac though.


Hurst isn't much of a blocker and our 5 O-linemen can't protect Burrow. The obvious fix against someone like Parsons would be to play with 6 O-linemen if that's what it took but while the team did that for some running plays, I don't think they did it on passing plays. 

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10 hours ago, saphead said:

Does anyone remember, go back 2019, which was ZT's first year and Andy Dalton's last. Was Andy back there running for his life this much? Were the O-line schemes just as bad? 


Once the brain trust let Whit and Zeitler go with nothing remotely close to serviceable replacements, Dalton literally led the league in having the quickest release. 

It didn’t translate to wins but he didn’t die. 

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