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    I predict several steps....back in Andy's direction.
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    In a surprising turn of events, Bengals mascot Who-Dey has signed a 3 year, $1.5 Million deal with the Detroit Lions according to Adam Schefter. A source tells ESPN that the Bengals very much wanted to keep the 48 year old mascot.
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    We lose Whit but somehow we still have Pacman n Mauluaga on the roster. FUCK MY LIFE
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    Really gotta cut the trash bullshit out regarding LaFell. Every thread, every Bengals board, you're a broken record about something that you have zero logical arguments for. You're like a shittier Skip Bayless that exclusively posts on Bengals media.
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    I'm a Buckeye homer, but there are plenty of Michigan players (including both receiver this year) who I think are underrated as draft prospects. Peppers is the complete opposite. Here's a fun writeup of his play from a Buckeye perspective: THE VILLAIN Photo Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports Just as every good song has already been written, every possible Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year Jabrill Peppers take has also already been produced. You already know this playlist by heart: 1) Good Enough at Every Position (to just be okay) 2) Laughably Overrated 3) No Actually He's Quite Deserving 4) Bad Stats (What Stats?) 5) Peppers' Versatility Makes Don Brown's Defense Possible 6) Media Creation Borne Out of Desperately Wanting Another Charles Woodson to Happen Ohio State fans are a reliably hypersensitive tribe incapable of separating what matters to them from the context of any other football subject. The way a lot of you diminish Peppers has dangerous potential to send you hurtling into an unstoppable hypocritical orbit. Without peeling this onion too far, please cite Eddie George's most memorable play or contribution to The Game. Was he overrated? See, this is a dangerous game. So in that same vein, Peppers is the shittiest villain most Ohio State fans have ever witnessed in their lives. The result is every bit of adulation on his behalf becomes a triggering event. Let's start with his school-sanctioned #HEI5MAN campaign: Where to begin - the play being showcased here didn't count. You can literally see the flag that cancelled it at the beginning of the HEI5MAN highlight flying across your screen. It's in the screencap before you press play. This is Michigan's version of Greg Oden's iconic Final Four monster dunk against Georgetown which, inconveniently, didn't go in. Let's continue with the tackling competence on display in that clip, which hasn't been seen in a Michigan-Rutgers game since the last time Michigan visited Rutgers: Third of all it's a basic spin move...against Rutgers. Dontre Wilson does this whenever he enters a public restroom, which is the closest Rutgers approximation. It should have been more impressive, or even counted. But let's get back to the core of why Peppers hype is the perfect ruse for making Ohio State fans crazy. We have heard the fawning since his recruitment by Brady Hoke. Buckeye fans listened to it every week during his freshman season, when he played a little before taking a medical redshirt. Then it happened all over again last season. Then again in 2016. We prepared ourselves for terror. You hold your breath whenever Peppers has the ball. Only if you're simultaneously being crop-dusted. We are reliably hypersensitive, buuuuut also football-fluent enough to know what's real. Tom Harmon got a standing ovation in Ohio Stadium. Bo's turncoats during the Ten-Year War were despised because they overdelivered against the Buckeyes. I cannot type the words John Kolesar without tensing up. Woodson, Biakabutuka, Howard, hell - Shoelaces Robinson lighting up the bloated carcass of Ohio State's empty 2011 season gets a respectful nod. Michigan villains are as hated as they are fearsome. Even the two most noteworthy 0-4 guys in Wolverines history: MIKE HART VS. OSU 2004-2007 YEAR CARRIES YARDS TOTAL TDS 2004 18 61 100 1 2005 9 15 26 0 2006 23 142 147 3 2007 18 44 44 0 CHAD HENNE VS. OSU 2004-2007 YEAR ATT CMP TOTAL TD INT 2004 27 54 328 2 2 2005 25 36 223 1 0 2006 21 35 267 2 0 2007 11 34 68 0 0 ...had moments of villainry, despite lacking a corresponding victory. Respect. This brings us back to Peppers, whose empty statistics aren't worth throwing up here because - again - I buy into every track on the playlist above. Some football things just cannot be properly defended using stats. Sometimes you just need memorable plays. Here's one. That view doesn't do it justice - here's a better angle of Peppers trying to stop the least jukey full-time OSU quarterback since Todd Boeckman: Here's another. That's a 41-yard run by a quarterback who clocks 4.62 40. If Dontre seals his block properly, Peppers is chasing him all the way into the endzone like a one-man gopher colony. He had a great view of it. Speaking of having a great view: True Michigan villains are expected to deliver pain that burns for decades. They're as evil as they are effective, and their calculated assaults on Ohio State are burned into our memories forever. Peppers also promised Curtis Samuel would take some punishment this year. So to this hypersensitive tribe, he's a winless promise-breaker who frequently shows up in Michigan highlights we actually enjoy watching. He never even achieved Jim Mandich or Chris Perry sub-villain status. But that doesn't mean he isn't exceptional otherwise. From our vantage point - the only point we care about - it was all just a lot of noise. Good luck at the next level, choose your financial planner wisely and thanks for the MEMORIE5.
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    there is a very high chance i will be moving this to a cloud server in the offseason, my wifes company site is the guinea pig, storing media on amazon S3 will be the key.. currently we use, 300gb of storage on the server, her site is using 200 of that, and 30-40 can be eliminated or also moved to AWS S3 storage. the cost to store her stuff will be $2-6/mo, and would allow us to move to a potentially faster, managed(as in i dont need to (have elflocko) maintain the server, and should run no more than $100/mo hopefully more along $79, we are currently in the $150-180/mo range just for the server. as i attempt to pay back all my savings i blew while jobless cutting costs is helpful. especially since adsense is kicking me about $35/mo in the offseason, so my wife loves the $150+ bill each month(like its my fault, even though its used mostly by her), haha. so long story short, ill obviously have professionals handle the move, but the DNS change may cause issues as it does for some each time we move. creeping up on year 13, hopefully we can enjoy the good, bicker and be mean to each other about the bad for many more years! ill post more when times comes, i will do my best to avoid the draft and busy times obviously. if we can get the costs low enough, a single "if anyone wants to chip in" begging per year could allow us to eliminate ads all together.. which would be AWESOME!
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    what a great guy and great team leader, I wish him well
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    I'm sure his wife is concerned about length for sure, since her husband is a 100% cuck quitter pussy. We need real men on this team, not cowards who obey their wives. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
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    Well if reading comprehension is a problem for you, I can and will point out that I spoke to BOTH of you, and have addressed him as well. You stir the pot, he licks the spoon... He stirs the pot, you lick the spoon. Instead of worrying about whether ANYONE says anything to/about another poster, how about you just worry about upping YOUR game for once? MMMMMMkay?
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    tl; dr Btw if you have Kenneth agreeing with you then you know you are wrong.
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    You make a lot of crazy things up dude
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    I know this is sarcasm, but can't we give the FO some credit for this? When is the last time we flat out upgraded a position in free agency without losing someone at that position to another team? We typically only sign over the hill, cheap players to replace good, young guys that we let walk. This is very non-Bengal-like. Minter can play every snap you ask, doesn't slow down after playing 90% of snaps in a game, is GREAT against the run, can cover 10x better than Maualuga, is young, comes from a great defense, and basically has zero downside. What isn't there to like about this? I don't like the 1 year deal but you can't force the guy to sign the dotted line. At least he's on the Bengals.
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    not just that, it likely knocks Maualuga right off the roster
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    You look really foolish. Your getting tired bro.
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    Jokes on you patriots! You probably just lost out on a rd 6 comp pick. Boom! Mike brown for the win! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I thought the silver lining was going to be we finally get to see what all of the young guys have and that's kind of exciting.
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    You're the same guy who said that losing Bratkowski would hurt the team more than it would help them. Your football knowledge is not beyond reproach. We'll how he does in Denver.
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    I don't understand why the "Bengals can do no wrong" crowd is running around being condescending dicks about this in every thread. Listen, yeah, Dre is in his prime and has improved into a great CB. I get all of this and I wanted him back very badly. However, it didn't have to be just bringing one of them back! We could have had 2 of them VERY easily. People have every right to be bothered by this. I knew Z was long gone so it didn't bug me so much, but Whit should be in stripes right now no matter what the Hobson brigade posts from now until the end of time.
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    No worries, I can pick up the slack: You're welcome.
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    Same age group... I was at the Freezer Bowl, and wore my Boomer jersey to school every Friday as a kid. Somewhere in the 2000's, the dark ages, it all changed for me. I was no longer watching a team working to win a Super Bowl, I was watching a Jersey Shore reality show starring Corey Dillon and Jon Kitna. It was a dark comedy about this franchise so inept that people literally referred to them as the Bengals. (Hmmm... The board auto corrects B"u"ngles) My username comes from a joke I read on a tip jar in a Ohio service station. The sign read "Please Help: My eleven children are lost in Paul Brown stadium, and they're beating the Bengals." I care, but somewhere long ago, it became about the journey, not the destination. Observation instead of passion. I remember the year Dick LeBeau took over as HC. I was pumped. Dick LeBeau is going to turn this around. The team sucked under Coslet, but LeBeau is such a great coach, and the team is only a few pieces away, and I hear Warren Sapp wants to sign here. You just watch, this is our year... We're going to surprise everybody.... Bleeds Orange, I'm sure you remember how that year turned out. Mike Brown is Mike Brown, and will always be. I had hope when Katie took the reigns, and she's much better, but there's an underlying philosophy that hasn't changed. It's a very hard-nosed old-school attitude that I just don't think works in today's NFL, and it will forever hold us back. I know this. I root for 6th rounders to have big games, I root for Andy Dalton to silence his critics, I want to see AJ have a big day. I want to laugh at whatever stupid thing Burfict or Jones does to cost us the game. Will Ogubuehi figure it out next year? Is Fisher really any good if he couldn't lock down the RT spot last year? These are all storylines to watch, but the main plot - The Bengals Journey to win a Super Bowl - I gave up on that.
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    You'll hear people say that if you draft well, it's tough to keep everyone when they hit FA. Some will dispute that, but the Bengals 2012 draft class is a pretty good example of why drafting well makes it tough to keep all your guys guys when they hit FA. Here's our notable picks from the 2012 draft and how much money they're making per year: 1st- Dre Kirkpatrick ($10M?) 1st- Kevin Zeitler ($12M) 3rd- Mohamed Sanu ($6.5M) 5th- Marvin Jones ($8M) 5th- George Iloka ($6M) Undrafted- Vontaze Burfict ($6M, soon to be $10M+) As of today, those guys are making over $50M combined. It will likely go up to closer to $55M later this summer when Burfict gets his big money extension. Also worth noting the 2011 draft class right before this one are making over $36M combined and Bengals were able to keep them all. 1st-AJ Green ($15M) 2nd- Andy Dalton ($16M) 4th- Clint Boling ($5M) When you string together good drafts like the Bengals did back in the 2009-2013 range, you can't afford to shell out $30-50M every offseason for 2nd and 3rd contracts when those guys hit FA.
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    No one is. But why is it so hard to believe that someone would want to leave this? They aren't leaving much at all. This team won 6 fucking games last year. The Rams won 4. And considering they're coach isn't Marvin Fucking Lewis, they're probably still closer to a super bowl than the Bengals.
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    Well fuck, this whole "let our best players go to get comp picks" strategy is definitely working out. Marcus Hardison, Paul Dawson, Lavelle Westbrooks, Marquis Flowers, TJ Johnson, Reid Fragel. There are your recent comp selections, ladies and gents. Gotcha Whitworth!!! Dumb old fuck! You get to go play football by the beach but who has the last laugh? We're going to turn you into Reid Fragel, MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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    Disagree. Kevin Zeitler is the guy they can't afford to lose. 3yrs/$12mil for a 36 year old tackle is unprecedented. I hate he's leaving, but that's a lot of cheese for a guy at this point in his career. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
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    It's Willie Anderson all over again. This is a business, and anyone who says "Yeah, I'd pass on the extra 3 Million and take a shorter deal and move to Guard..." Is full of it. If your boss came in and asked you to take %25 less money to get demoted because they just hired in this new college kid you'd be PO'ed too. Thanks for the great years Big Whit.
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    Ced to LT. Dalton to ER. McCarron will be needed by week 2. Until he is in ER two weeks later. We should draft five QBs to get through the season. This front office is a joke.
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    Can we all just be racist together?
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    I wonder if he knows about all the late round comp picks we are going to get? Bet that changes everything.
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    You are a racist asshole. Own it.
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    We've pretty much owned the Ravens and the Browns, but the Stealers have owned us. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't think Marvin is the problem. Out of the 7 playoff games, the only one that was a meltdown, IMO, was the Chargers game and the Jets game. We weren't going to beat the Stealers w/o Carson, we were a year early vs. Houston, We weren't beating Indy with Rex Burkhead as our #2 WR and while Pittsburgh was bad, we weren't expected to even be in that game w/o Andy. These aren't excuses because we should have won the 2nd Stealers game with a backup QB and that Chargers game. The fact that we've continually made the playoffs with as many injuries as we've suffered over the years to key players, is a testament to Marvin. He may not be animated on the sidelines and his clock management and TO management sucks, but he's a well above average coach and has brought a change to this organization that many thought would never happen. I'm not happy with where the team is, but you don't let go of Marvin unless there's a better coach that you can get.
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    125 lb grown ass woman. Give me a fucking break. Since you don't have daughters, quit embarrassing yourself by acting like you know anything about them. Sorry, grown ass 200 lb plus men don't punch little girls in the face. Don't breed, you don't understand what being a man and father is all about.
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    She was a tiny little girl who weighed 125 lbs. He is an elite athlete weighing over 200. He didn't overdue anything, he broke her face in 4 places. You fucking idiots should never have daughters.
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    Someone has been pissy ever since he had to help pick up the trash off Carson's front yard.
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    The fact you and I were down and dirty in the shit when trolls like this guy were crapping through cloth, always means a helluva lot to me, Chief. You, Numbers, me, and more than a few here were at the dawn of message boards way back when. Now those were the rough and tumble, no moderated, punch-outs, that might even impress the over-fixated with themself types that seem to populate this place. Those days are long gone for me--and you well-remember some of the classic back and forths then. I wish there was some archive of those Enquirer Board threads obtainable. Folks like this pontificating peacock always come off like God's gift to us all with the steady stream of stats, summations, verdicts. Then want to go on and on and on with their perfection. Back when, we used to blast the righteous piss out of these types--no holds barred. And the old group were the best around at it. His type ask incessantly why we are here if we aren't going to get into these dog-chase-tail diatribes. My unmoderated response would normally be: none of your fucking business, and blow it out of your backside (toned way down of course). But, in reality, I really don't care about "debating" anything anymore, and haven't for a long time. And yet, you will still find folks like us in the tailgate parking lots each home game, sitting in our same seats we have had for decades, and enjoying the hell out of the entire experience and with each other. Those are things that mean something in life. The rest can be Emperors of the Message Boards if it is all that important--but the simple truth is that it is not. Cheers to you, my friend!
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    Whit all day. You can't even run the offense wtihout him. Are we still a contender with Cedric Ogbuehi at LT? Are we still a contender with Jones-Dennard-Jackson-Shaw-Russell-Benwikeree? That's the only question that matters. We could have figured out corner without Dre. Just like we can figure out RG without Zeitler. Not having a LT means you can't do anything on offense.
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    I was angry yesterday. Today, a feeling of apathy is slowly rolling over me. What can you seriously do as a fan other than laugh to yourself?
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    Nobody's surprised the Bengals didn't sign expensive players from other teams. But everyone should be disappointed the team let Whitworth get away. If they didn't want to sign him to a multi-year deal, they should have tagged him. That's a lot of money but the price is set by top LTs and he is one. A team that tags Stacie Andrews, but not Whitworth is one that's poorly run.
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    MB gets it. The Brown Family Trust were able to build a family fortune with relative little of their own money utilizing NFL handouts and the general public's love for an Ohio football legend. It's never been about winning.
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    Checking Whitworth's twitter, this gem from Kyle Long tells you everything you need to know about our FO:
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    Take him. And Foster. Fuckkkk it
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    As a Nebraska fan, I don't really get involved in the whole OSU-Michigan rivalry, nor do I much care. I don't have a dog in that fight. But something tells me if Peppers played for the Buckeyes, he'd be in at least 10 signatures of Buckeye fans on this forum and OSU fans would be drooling all over him.
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    The issue here isn't if you agree with the Bengals or not. From one standpoint, the cap is very well managed. We rarely have any dead money of significance, and it seems like each year we have plenty of cap room to work with. The Bengals have never been in a Cowboys/Redskins position of starting the season with negative cap. If you're an accountant, you're loving this. From another standpoint, we have yet to reap any successes from this philosophy. If I told you your favorite NASCAR driver finished in the middle of the pack all year but he saved a ton of money on gas and oil changes so he's ready to be mediocre again next year.... Are you impressed? Are you excited about next year? If his crew chief tells you that buying all that carbon fiber is too expensive do you go "Ooooh, THIS is our year!" Mike Brown is a $2 bet kinda guy. When he has a great day he walks out of the track with $20 in his pocket, and on a bad day is down $10. He ventures little and gains little. Frankly, sports isn't a place for accountants. It's the realm of people who are willing to risk it all for a shot at glory. "Smart cap management" means nothing unless it goes hand-in-hand with success. I can put together a great household budget, but you're going to want to kill me after the 40th bowl of nothing but ramen. What Mike Brown via Hobson has done is sat in the car outside the track and said "Look, we're only betting $10, so don't get your hopes up. Also, we'll eat when we leave, The concessions here are crazy expensive. Don't even look at that f***ing cotton candy." Ummmm, wheeee? Who Dey? So, yeah, thanks for making sure we didn't expect anything too great right before Free Agency begins. Our hope firmly abandoned, there will be far less for you to crush.
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    http://www.foxsports.com/watch/the-herd-with-colin-cowherd/video/547271747547 When you consider Andy's surrounding cast vs. Cam's, then compare their success it obvious Cam is better. Newton has been the NFL MVP, 1st team All-Pro, NFL Offensive Player of the Year, and NFL Offensive ROY..Andy has done none of that, so please stop the insanity. Newton was better than Andy in college when he won the National Championship and Dalton finished #2 to Newton's Auburn Tigers. Newton was drafted #1 overall and Dalton was drafted 35th, that means every team in NFL thought there was someone better than Dalton when they drafted in 2011, even the Bengals. I think the Bengals need to move on from Marvin Lewis, cut PacMan, and re-sign Zeitler and Whit..and they will probably do none of those things. Does that mean I hate the team, no but I don't blindly follow them and think everything they do is wonderful when they clearly don't know how win when it counts. Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis are incompentent and inept and their lack of a playoff win in 26 years and 0-7 record proves it.
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    It gets more and more difficult to be a Bengals fan as the years go by. it was nice to start having winning seasons at first, even if we got embarrassed in the playoffs each year. But after a couple years, expectations raise. They weren't the Cincinnati Browns anymore, they were something we could be fairly proud of. But having success in the NFL isn't simply making it into the playoffs and getting the boot in the first round every year. That just means you may be the 12th best team out of 32. Not exactly amazing. For a team that never has quite enough talent/competent coaches to win a damn playoff game, every offseason they went into with the plan that they will stay as status quo as they possibly could be. They have never taken steps to truly get better, all they do is stay status quo, or worse. For a team that never had the talent to win a postseason game, they were consistently drafting "for the future" or drafting high round projects. Very rarely has this team EVER been in a win now mode. Just always been completely content with being slightly above mediocre, and if they happen to better than slightly better than mediocre- then they consider that their own Super Bowl. Wouldn't surprise me if Mike brown has bought himself some "best GM in he world" coffee mugs and some trophies for each year they made it into the wild card round. Probably spends a month patting himself on the back for the major victory of making the playoffs again. Each year that goes by and I watch the Bengals do virtually nothing to improve the team makes me more and more apathetic towards the team. They obviously don't want to win as bad as fans do. They haven't done anything this offseason except get worse. Significantly worse. And here they are- standing pat and doing nothing in FA. Meanwhile, teams with the goal of winning super bowls like the Patriots have done everything in their power to improve on what was already the best team in the NFL. The Bengals annual free agent vomiting is frustrating. Infuriating. Depressing. Disheartening. holier than thou types will say it's "just a game"..: but everyone knows it's much more than that for real fans. Just one time I wish I could watch as my team takes the necessary steps to try to win a Super Bowl... but I know that will likely never happen- there isn't enough pride in PBS to ever do what it takes to win at that level.
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    How is DE and LB a lower value position? The #1 overall pick plays DE and most mock drafts have the Bengals taking Foster at #9.
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    People like you are why I can't come to places like this or read comments on stupid ass sports sites anymore. 3 million more is 3 million more. The Bengals could have EASILY came up with the cash to do that. Could have dropped Rey's shitty ass. Could have disposed of Spitwad Jones. But no. They hang onto them and lowball the guy whose constantly performed and constantly been a rock and constantly put up with their stupid fucking shit. At that point, 3 million more is an easy goddamn call. Fuck the Bengals and fuck anyone who is selfish enough to not understand that these players don't owe this organization or the fans SHIT. This team is a goddamn travesty and the NFL is increasingly hard to watch with its sporadic interpretations of stupid ass rules. I'm glad he got away and can enjoy LA for the remainder of his career. Good luck Whit
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    That's a clown statement bro, anyone mad at Whit for getting paid is a hypothetical ass clown. He deserves this money, direct your anger at guy who could have paid him but decided not to, Mike Brown.
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    Bengals need to stat the FUCK AWAY from this piece of shit.