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    Greetings all. It is sad for me that Shayne is retiring. Especially because, after he worked a new regimen the year our dad passed away, he has been stronger than anytime in the last 10 years. He waited all season for a chance to prove it (his 54 yarder against Panthers last year for Atlanta hinted at his ability to still kick long ones), but unfortunately he was told all this season that he was too old and they wanted someone young for a long contract. He really wanted to play and had a few years left. But with no prospects, he needed to start looking at a new plan for his future. I am glad he decided to retire a Bengal. It truly was the only place he called home. So it is fitting. It was half of his career, and the one place he really got to make a difference in the community. I know there were ups and downs, but I also really enjoyed getting to know many of you and even spending hours on the streets of Cincinnati playing catch (and frogger chasing the football into the street in front of PBS) and eatin chili and jello shots at tailgates. I wish you all the best. I will pop by on occasion as I have over the years. For those that care anyway ;). I know some of you miss fighting with me. We can do that too if you ever need a pick me up.
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    Sporting Charts has LaFell at 64 receptions, 107 targets, and 1 drop. FBO has him with 3 drops. That's as good or better than the top WRs in the league. He's very sure handed. LaFell didn't fumble in 2016. The dude runs solid routes and doesn't need to be burning DBs to catch passes. He ranked 22nd in both of FBO's DVOA and DYAR statistics, and that's out of 93 qualified WRs from 2016. So he ranked higher in those advanced metrics than some team's WR1 to put that into perspective. You run around every Bengals message board bashing LaFell with that stupid stat about 4 games with a combined 32 yards. First of all, that's not even accurate. Do you mean to say he's had 4 games EACH having 32 yards or less? That's accurate, so you should start saying that instead. Anyway, would you like some context to those numbers or does context not matter? In 1 of those games, Eifert and Green both completely went off and combined for almost 20 receptions, multiple TDs, and accounted for almost all of the team's receiving yards by themselves. In 2 of those games, Andy barely threw for 200 yards TOTAL in each game and barely completed half of his passes. Should we just ignore the context of a QB having a rough game or two when looking at basic receiving statistics? #1 WRs "disappear" sometimes. #2 WRs "disappear" even more often because they're usually not as centralized to a team's game plan. It's the NFL, it happens. Sometimes guys aren't getting the targets because yes, they aren't open. Other times it's the gameplan. Go watch the All 22 tape from 2016 on LaFell and then tell me how much "garbage" he was. Julio Jones had 4 games with 35 yards or less in 2016. He's garbage, sad!
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    Atlanta fired their DC and DL coach. That's what organizations with high expectations do. Not saying that Atlanta is some perennial powerhouse. Just saying that's the standard you are dealing with when it comes to many teams around the league not named the Cincinnati Bengals.
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    That is not the definition of insanity. in·san·i·ty inˈsanədē/ noun noun: insanity the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness.
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    Not necessarily. But something slightly to the north of a sideways, snarky, drive-by without any substance would be preferable. I am not much on point counter point, so multiple pages is unlikely.
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    Carson is the best Andy Dalton is crappy. com
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    Dre Kirkpatrick is not a #1 CB...pay him like one and you'll regret it. Guy is a legend in his own mind. Please don't do the typical Bengal thing and say we could do worse so we should keep him. Think about how much better we could do and if the price ain't right...let him walk.
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    tl; dr Btw if you have Kenneth agreeing with you then you know you are wrong.
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    Keep in mind you're arguing with one of those Bengals fans that thinks every other team is better than the Bengals.
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    Thx Jamie. (You using a spell checker these days? ;). ) I remember several great kicks as a Bengal. Maybe the best game was a 7-7 against Baltimore
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    Who cares. He is more productive than most other #2 WRs in the league. That is all that matters. Why do you work so hard to find something to whimper about? You seem to really love being a whiny bitch.
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    WalterFootball - #2 Barnett, #9 Walker Mike Mayock - #3 Barnett, Walker not listed in top 5 NFL.com - #3 Barnett, #7 Walker Kiper - #5 Barnett, #10 Walker SI.com - #4 Barnett, #7 Walker PFF - #2 Barnett (#3 overall prospect in the entire draft), Walker not listed in the top 7 Rivals.com - #3 Barnett, Walker not listed in top 5 Draftcountdown.com - #3 Barnett, #10 Walker
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    wtf? you better go back and do your homework kid...
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    Zeitler's wife. During season and since season ended Zeitler has approached the team first with a lets talk and second time with an offer. Team has never responded back to either reach out with any type of counter. Hobson and Lapham have hinted around it on radio lately that unless they were getting Zeitler on a deal like they stole Boling on, then they won't bother signing him. They don't believe in paying elite money for a guard and Zeitler is likely to get 9-10 mill per in FA market. Lapham believed the team is content with Hopkins/Westerman/Johnson as the RG options (and possibly a mid to late draft pick). Normally this wouldn't bother me as I don't believe paying OGs 8+ mill is smart, but the team has the money and unless they actually go use it in FA then it is stupid not to retain him. If they re-purpose that money to get Whit, Dre, Burkhead signed and then go grab a couple decent FA options then I'm okay. They have plenty of money to retain all of their current FAs though so not signing him and not signing anyone else is just Mike Brown being cheap. It has been rumored that Dalton, Green (he also went vocal on radio row) and Marvin Lewis have been pushing for them to approach FA a little more aggressively this year. So I guess we have a chance to actually do something in FA........if Mike Brown is willing to listen to the guys he should listen too.
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    Why not Alexander himself? If they played Dennis Roland based on technique, I can only imagine a career OL coach must have near-perfect form.
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    Let's be realistic. When do the Bengals fire coaches, assistants, or well...anybody? The Bengals don't completely suck, everything they do isn't 100% incorrect, but it's a perfectly reasonable gripe that we have to expect more accountability in Cincinnati. Not every good organization runs around firing people left and right, but I don't think anyone is clamoring for that to happen here. We have a head coach that has broken records of tenure without postseason success, we have assistants that have been here since what seems like the beginning of time, and we've seen some pretty damn lazy hires internally as of late. The Bengals give their staff more leeway than the average team, you aren't guaranteed to get fired if the position you're in charge of coaching has a couple below average years. It's just the way it works around here, it seems like the Bengals operate more like a family than a business. I don't believe it's one of the illegitimate things that fans tend to complain about, there are definitely arguments for hoping the team would be a bit more liberal with firing staff members.
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    I do have a question though for all those who say the NFL is the new WWE. Goodell suspending Brady and then Brady goes on to win a SB in the same year, if Goodell was fixing all this why would he make himself look foolish like that?
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    would be nice to have a QB with less jesus freak in them... if the sky magician doesnt care about kids getting raped i feel like your football life isnt on the radar.
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    Not true. The #2 WR on the best offense in the leaguer was Mo sanu. Not worth the #9 pick.
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    Realignment will happen soon enough when the London Silly Nannies and Mexico City Conquistadors are forced into the league...
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    A lot of "authority figures" don't deserve respect.
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    Yeah, that's the problem with society nowadays, a lack of respect for authority. He is the epitome of it.
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    The league will take care of him for the Bengals. BTW, a guy I work with has a close friend who is one of the floor managers at Jacks Casino. Few realize Pacman had been banned for life from the then Horseshoe Casino for threatening dealers, particularly at the craps table. Seems he knows nothing about betting craps and the proper way to bet different odds using chips. Well, the new management at Jacks lifted the ban so this time, after verbally harassing a craps dealer, he finally got tossed for threatening to kill a Korean blackjack dealer after racially taunting him. He is trash.
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    I don't write for PFF or anything but I think CB would be a defensive need. I give this post title a -.027 grade, it lacks lateral agility.
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    Garrett is a physical freak so he will go higher in the draft than Burnette, but Burnette is a natural football player who just makes plays.
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    2014- 20.5 tackles for loss , 10 sacks 2015- 13 tackles for loss , 10 sacks 2016- 19 tackles for loss , 13 sacks. Barnette looks like a consistent beast to me.
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    Gio - $1.2 mil roster bonus, $200k workout bonus, $2.25 mil dead money Vinnie Rey - $700k roster bonus, $300k workout bonus, no dead money Adam "don't call me Pacman" Jones - $500k roster bonus, $200k workout bonus, $1.333 mil dead money Iloka - $500k roster, $300k workout, $2.4 mil dead money Dennard - $420k roster, $100k workout, $1.03 mil dead money Shawn Williams - $234,375 roster, $300k workout, $1.6 mil dead money Maualuga - $218,750 roster, $300k workout, no dead money MJ93 - $200k roster, $250k workout, $2.25 mil dead money Boling - $200k roster, $200k workout, $1.5 mil dead money Hewitt - $100k roster, $100k workout, $1.125 mil dead money
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    Ah yes, the fun-filled, carefree world of corporate finance. I'm sure being paid almost half a mil per to exercise will pale in comparison.
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    So roughly 70% of the starting team? Check. Don't disagree necessarily but very telling. New HC would go a long way.
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    EDIT...Never mind. Whatever.
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    If we dont have the money we dont have the money I understand that. The problem is we do have the money. I also have a problem keeping guys like Peko, Maualuga, and MJ. Guys make 3-5 million a year when We could get the same production from a rookie. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    There are 8 upper tier players that the Bengals have extended and kept around in the Dalton era alone. How many upper tier players have they lost? Honestly, I feel like some people just want to complain about stuff whether it has any merit or not. You can't pay every great player, it doesn't happen with any organization. Zeitler isn't gone yet, so if all you have is 3 examples over a 15 year period, I'm pretty sure that would rank the Bengals as one of the best teams in the league at retaining their talented players. There are things that I'm very critical of the Bengals FO for, but you're just whining for the sake of whining if you think they refuse to pay their homegrown talent. The real complaint would be that the Bengals are too shy and conservative about paying OUTSIDE free agents and won't take risks with players that come from other teams.
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    I think Illoka combined with Hooker would be an insane combo. Move Williams to LB.
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    That's another thing, one guy had the greatest receiver of all time and the other has the greatest coach of all time. Both of those are obviously nice for a QB to have. We know they're all great players, but I do believe Brady is on a different level than Montana and any other QB in existence. We haven't seen him away from Belichick to see how much the system has to do with it, but regardless, the fact that he can play at that high of a level in any organization is extremely impressive. I don't think it's any coincidence that Joe played some of his best football when Jerry Rice was on the team. I'm not using that to take away from Montana, but it surely helped his career to have Rice around. Watching Tom Brady turn the most random of players around the NFL into household names has been fun over the years. Does anyone honestly think Julian Edelman would be such a recognizable star athlete if he were drafted by literally any other team? Brandon LaFell had an okay year here in Cincinnati and Randy Moss is, well, Randy Moss. How many other receivers, tight ends, or running backs have we seen thrive in New England with Brady and Belichick and not do much elsewhere? Hell, Moss and LaFell aren't even homegrown New Englanders. People complain about the pussification of the game and how it's rigged and blah blah blah. I'm just glad I grew up watching modern football so I could see the careers develop of some of these guys that will go down as all time greats. It's impressive and exciting to watch a team like New England do what they do evvvverrry damn year.
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    You start off strong, Maualuga needs replaced. You understand we won't be going after a guy like JPP because of the contract. After that we go downhill in a hurry though... 1. What about Vigil made him look like a "future star"? That's a bit of high praise for a guy we didn't get to see a whole lot of. I hope he turns into at least a capable starter, our linebacker sucked last year. 2. McCarron for Alonso? Lol...what? You do realize that Tannehill is the Dolphins' guy, right? We aren't trading Andy Dalton, the Colts aren't trading Andrew Luck, the Dolphins aren't getting rid of Ryan Tannehill. He's signed to a big contract and still has over $10 million in dead money tied up. There is a 0% chance he isn't their QB in 2017. If you think they're going to trade for McCarron as a backup and lose one of their starting linebackers for a backup QB, well....no. This ain't Madden and player for player trades aren't very common. If we trade McCarron it will be for draft picks. If we get a linebacker it's going to be through FA or the draft. 3. The Bouye thing is just funny. Do you know this kid is going to be viewed as one of, if not THE hottest free agent on the market this year? He's 25 years old and developed into a shut down corner. The only thing that's going to keep Bouye from getting paid an absolutely absurd amount of money is that the CB market is surprisingly deep this year. There's still a chance he could get a mega contract though. If the Bengals sign a FA CB it's going to be keeping Dre Kirk, we aren't buying 2 #1 CBs in free agency. It's not how the Bengals operate. I'm not trying to be rude, but are you a relatively new fan of the Bengals? I'm asking because many years ago I used to view some things quite similar as you do. I'd always dream of these lineups with high priced free agents, I'd dream of trades involving players that people have actually heard of, and I'd look at a lot of the youth on the team and view them as "future stars". After spending over a decade on message boards and other forms of social media, it tends to bring you around to the reality of the situation. This is the Cincinnati Bengals. We aren't signing the top outside FA, just get that out of your head right now. It's not happening with Mike Brown in charge, it's just not. We aren't signing the top outside FA at a position, not happening. We will re-sign our own, even the top guys, but that's about it. You better pray for a diamond in the rough type of FA, because that's as good as it gets here. It has worked out in the past, so I'm not going to say it's a 100% recipe for failure, but it would be nice to see them go out and try to get one of the top guys from another team at some point. Dreaming big and wanting the Bengals to change their model is fine if that's what you want to do, but it really has almost no basis in reality if you watch how the team operates year after year after year.
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    You keep insinuating that others are missing the point, but I'm pretty sure you're missing ours/mine. I don't think 1 person has said that winning makes it OK. People are only pointing out the blowout win which the Colts were missing tackles and playing sloppy to hint that maybe 2 PSI in 1 football may not have been the biggest deal in the world. Yes, "cheating", but nobody has said it's OK because the team won. Nobody has said that. Stop. 1. There isn't even definitive proof that the ball was intentionally under inflated by Patriots personnel or staff. They're "pretty sure" they did it and that Tom Brady "probably" knew about it, so they suspended him. 2. It's a fucking witch hunt and the fact that the NFL got so many fans on their side with this is sad and hilarious at the same time. Deflategate will eventually go down as one of the biggest jokes in sports history. Anyone caught up in diminishing Brady's accomplishments due to this is a complete joke in my book and I refuse to respect their opinions regarding anything football related because of it. If you can't grasp a simple concept like this, then I couldn't give a shit what you think about other things football. 3. It's like if you were caught going 5 MPH over the speed limit and the officer pulled you over, threw you out of the car, slammed you on the ground, and the judge sent you to prison for 3 years for it. The punishment doesn't match the crime. You can't just throw everyone in the NFL that has "cheated" into 1 giant pile and say they're all pieces of shit and deserve their accomplishments diminished for it. Deflategate and Spygate are a joke compared to some of the actual cheating going on around the league. Hell, I'd say when an O-lineman "cheats" and gets away with holding on a big play has a bigger difference to the outcome of a game than 2 PSI in a fucking football. I'd respect your opinion more if you were bashing Rob Ninkovich for using PEDs instead of diminishing Bill and Tom for this witch hunt. 4. Be informed if you're going to argue something. You came into this not even know what happened during Spygate, yet you didn't give a shit and are still more than willing to diminish what Bill has done as a head coach. Your comment was something about them videotaping a practice and how that's not allowed. Well no shit, but that's not what happened during Spygate at all. You're claiming they're guilty without even seeing the evidence, and you don't want me to lump you in with the thousands of casual NFL fans that read headlines and bash the Patriots for it whether they're guilty or not? C'mon, man.
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    The Bengals are on the hook for $14 million for Pacman Jones over the next two years. Cutting him saves about $12 million. Take that and put it towards a contract for Kirkpatrick. Pay him an average of $8-9 million over four years and I can swallow it. I'm still not going to like the taste but, I can get it down. It's times like this when we need a Mike Zimmer reclamation project ala Jones or Newman. I am not a fan of tying our can to Kirkpatrick. I didn't like selecting him in the first place and he's done very little to change my opinion. Chuck up all the stats you like, I've watched him play and I'm underwhelmed. At the end of the day the reality is that the Bengals have seen precious little from their three first round CBs over the past five years. That leaves them in what I feel is a predicament. They are all but forced to re-sign a guy that they may have let walk under different circumstances. WJIII gets a pass but Dennard has been a MAJOR disappointment. The Bengals need to focus on their offensive and defensive lines. Re-signing Zeitler and Whitworth are the top two priorities. They cannot allow that offensive line to get even worse. There's no way you can let re-signing Kirkpatrick interfere with having those guys return and adding more talent to both lines. If they can accomplish it all...great but, if not...see ya Swag.
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    I read it and was reminded of the time Big_Dish said he wasn't racist because he once slept with a black girl.
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    And his regular season and playoff winning percentages are still better than Marv. It's sad. I'd love to see Marvin go on a run here, I just don't know how realistic it is. 15th times the charm, I suppose.
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    I tweeted about this the other day. I said clearly Freeney needs to be a GM one day as dude made a heck of a call. Even a lot of media questioned him on that.
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    Of course I'm not the best in the world at my job but we are not talking about my job, and I don't have have thousands of people who are emotionally invested in the amount of linear footage I build each day...BUT, if I totally failed at my goals on a very consistent basis and continually let everyone down year after year I wouldn't be able to look my co-workers in the eye. I would absolutely step aside and let someone else give it a go. Remember guys, we are talking about the head coach of our favorite football team who cannot, after many years and failed attempts, reach the ultimate goal of his profession...and that is what?....WINNING A SUPER BOWL. Which will never happen unless his team WINS A PLAYOFF GAME. This is what this whole thing is about; the ineptitude of our favorite NFL team's HEAD COACH. Not how great each of us FANS are at our normal day to day jobs. It's really hard to compare the two. Different quotas and goals and overall dynamic with the boss man, not to mention those pesky football fans who pay the salaries. IDK, I just can't explain it any more than I already have. Like I said already to Mr. Kenneth, if you don't get what I'm saying then you just don't get it. I'll be okay. There, I'm done.
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    Usually grown men who say "child please" are the immature ones.