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    Bengals crew, good afternoon. I'm a Sooner fan stopping by to drop some nuggets on Joe Mixon. The main reason I wanted to post was to add a little bit more context to the Mixon situation, correct one or two misconceptions, and opine on a few other factors relating to Joe. First and foremost, Joe paid a steep price for his misdeed. It wasn't merely a "redshirt year"; Joe was kicked off the team for the duration of the suspension. That means no facilities, no trainers, no meetings/coaching, no travel. He worked community service, he went to counseling, and...incredibly...he chose to stay at the University instead of transferring away from his problems. My guess is that his decision tells you a lot about how he approaches problems. He chose the hard road that meant putting in extra work and serving out his punishment instead of transferring. And we haven't even talked about the obvious contract implications (dropping from a first rounder to a second rounder). And we haven't talked about the dearth of endorsement deals. He needed to pay for this. He did. Second, one of the media misconceptions on Mixon is that this was a case of "domestic violence". You guys all know this intuitively, but a few media members struggle with this concept...when it's not a home-related incident, it's not domestic violence. This isn't Ray Rice, or any other player, making a choice to attack their spouse. This was a one-time, snap-decision response to a person slapping him. Joe made the wrong choice, a truly horrific one, and he'll be apologizing for it for the rest of his life. Third, Media members are scrambling to fit this 2014 incident into their narrative. Several of you have made this point, but it bears repeating: media will not let this case go...because it's the easiest way to generate clicks/interest/ad revenue. It's so frighteningly consumable...a video!...man hits woman!...star football player!...it's the gift that keeps on giving to the media, and you will see them re-hash this story in increasingly bizarre and creative ways in the years to come. Enjoy. Here's something that needs to be corrected: as recently as this weekend, ESPN "talent" (specifically Kavitha Davidson) reported that there were *new* allegations that Joe had hit a girl in high school. That's false. That claim is years old, and it was retracted by the individual who made the claim. Here's a portion of the retraction: "My daughter went to Freedom High School with Joe, and they have been friends for much of their lives. Once, when they were in school together, my daughter had a minor disagreement with some of her classmates that got blown out of proportion. Like any father would, I reacted emotionally. Unfortunately, I did so before I had all the facts. Now, having talked to my daughter and investigated the whole story, I realize that I was mistaken about Joe’s involvement. I definitely overreacted, and I regret that my words might have given some people the wrong impression about Joe. I know that Joe did not hurt my daughter, did not intend to, and would not do so. Joe and my daughter are still good friends. Joe is a great kid with a bright future in front of him, and he is welcome in my home anytime." So we have an ESPN reporter...putting out information that has been retracted...and damaging his character without merit. That's the level of reporting we're seeing around the Mixon incident at the national level. To wrap things up a bit...I've always felt a need to defend Joe. Not from the incident itself, as he deserved punishment, but from the character assassination that came with it. Everyone does bad things. Joe did an especially terrible thing. But let's be clear: if you want to be honest with yourself and say that the *worst moment* of your life has been caught on tape, made public, and virally consumed...I'd bet you'd tell me that you are more than just that one moment. And that you've learned from it. We should give Joe the same grace that we'd ask for ourselves. A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Joe's high school coach, his school administrators, his father, and Joe himself. The high school posse raved about his character. Joe is a quiet guy. He talks a lot on the field, he's got a big social media presence, but in reality, he's a soft-spoken individual. The OU coaches will tell you that they would have made Joe a captain but knew that the media would give them loads of hell. But that's the kind of presence that he had in the locker room - peacemaker, workout leader, not a hot head. You got a great player. Be content with that. Sorry about the media ****storm. Best to you guys in 2017.
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    Weird. I just read every post in this thread twice and not a single poster mentioned Adam Jones' race or skin color yet it somehow triggered your memory of how racist everyone is. Not to mention "delusional, sad and embarrassing" to football fans in the Burkhead thread. Get a grip on yourself man. Whatever's bothering you dude, let it go for your own sake not just the others around you. Bitterness isn't a good look for anyone. Sheesh. lol
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    Ok.. I didn't say talent..Jeremy is obviously more talented... And I like him. he is great at the 1 yard TD run...but his fucking 3 yards a carry sucks.. the offense looks better with Rex in there... Wtf are you talking about non football aspects? Whatever dude... You're kind of an asshole when you disagree with someone. Sorry if I am embarrassing to you for liking a player that is productive every fucking time he gets a chance. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
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    And by the way Paulie ... she was illegally drunk (underage), hurling racial slurs, blew smoke in his face, pushed him first, slapped him first, and had warrants out for her arrest. Above is one of her multiple mug shots. So maybe we shouldn't really focus on her, and just be happy that Mixon has owned up to what he did wrong -- which yes was wrong.
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    I predict several steps....back in Andy's direction.
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    What does that have to do with spitting on a jail nurse? speaking of racist, does your assessment of Rex Burkhead as " slow and average" have anything to do with his skin color? if you want to get stupid with this stuff, the possibilities are endless.
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    Can we still give negative reps. This asinine comment deserves one.
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    I completely disagree, it makes no sense to keep him. You can save millions of dollars, send an example to the young players on the roster that this behaviour won't be tolerated, and show your fans you actually care about the image of the team and the impact's players have on the community. Pacman is a embarrassment and a huge liability on and off the field.
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    Does the fact that AJ was the leading WR in the NFL before he got hurt escape you, or do you simply choose to ignore it? I mean, you can hate on Dalton all day wiithout making up stuff. Stick to the playoff wins thing so we at least know you haven't completely lost touch with reality. Getting kinda weird with it dude!
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    Rick, as a disabled retired veteran of the US Navy, I understand your point of view. However, let me interject something... Many people are upset that NFL players (amongst other sports athletes) are not standing during the national anthem. They say that it's a sign of major disrespect to veterans, especially the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Indulge me if you please... The "Golden Generation", the ones everyone refers to as the saviors of the American way, did indeed fight against the tyrants attempts at world oppression from Germany, Japan, Italy, and a small smattering of others. When the U.S. entered World War II, Jim Crow segregation had permeated every aspect of American society. When black men volunteered for duty or were drafted, they were assigned to segregated divisions and often given combat support roles, such as cook, quartermaster and grave-digging duty. According to British personnel in the BEF, meals in the US Army were served with the white servicemen being served in one line and the black servicemen and officers in another. Because of black protests against the Army's treatment of its black soldiers, military leadership began to attempt to address the issue beginning in 1943, but segregation in the armed forces remained official policy until 1948. With the exception of 18 female African-American nurses who had served in World War I, the Army Nurses CorpArmyAaaa, established in 1901, remained white until 1941, when pressure from the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses, and Eleanor Roosevelt , caused the Army to admit black nurses. A quota of 48 nurses was set, and the women were segregated from white nurses and white soldiers for much of the war. Eventually more black nurses enlisted. They were assigned to care for black soldiers, and served in the China-Burma-India theater, Australia, New Guinea, Liberia, England and the Philippines. So, besides the history lesson, my point is this; Black men and women volunteered to serve to fight world oppression when they couldn't escape racial oppression back home. You and I fought for the rights of ALL citizens to protest, and these black men and women, and ANYONE else who cares about people of color has the right and should be supported for doing so. I stand with them now, although I didn't at first, because I didn't take the time to walk in their shoes. It's not about respect for our vets and America, it's about the lack of respect and equality for people who volunteered to defend this country that won't treat them as equals. Just my $.02, and I'll move this thread to J & D.
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    I am trying to respect USN Bengal’s Moderator request to set aside the sociological debate and leave it to another forum, but you clueless motherfuckers keep feeling the need to chime in and make it clear to me how much understanding of society you lack – when I already knew that. The Ray Rice situation is not analogous for a number of reasons. First, lots of people defended Ray, including the Ravens, until the tape made it clear they had known about what really happened all along, and they simply folded from PR pressure. But in the general society he was not a villain, and in fact people dressed up as him for Halloween with their GF’s sporting black eyes, and just like Rhianna & Chris Brown's abuse, he was not seen as a public enemy #1 who should be ostracized and was beyond repute. However, the Joe Mixon situation was 3 years ago! He already served a 1 year suspension for it, and was an 18 year old teenager when it occurred. Moreover, the woman has forgiven him and accepted his apology and given her blessing for him moving on with his life. YET … the combine banned him for it (despite the fact he played college football the last 2 years), and the national media harps on the 3 year old story with glee because it fits a narrative, as nothing gets more press than harm or missing person status to white blonde women or animals. (This is also why Mike Vick was devil incarnate for several years, from millions of *mostly white* people who eat pigs – with a similar intelligence level to dogs, every day). Btw, I'm white myself and love bacon. But of course, race, gender, class, etc all of these things affect the way things are framed. I can't even believe this obvious fact has to be explained. But I digress … this thread is about discussing Joe Mixon the player. So I'd like to stick to that ...
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    haha that's cute. Look, I keep it real. If you can't handle the truth then fine. But don't expect me to pretend. Race is always there. It is a part of any situation and embedded in how people perceive reality. The media would only care about 1/5 as much if the woman Mixon hit was black. That's just the hard truth.
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    It is truly difficult to believe a few things for me... 1. How can he be so fucking stupid? 2. How can decision makers in this organization put up with him making them look ridiculous? 3. How can you expect anybody to instill any discipline with young players when you see what you let this asshole get away with time and time and time again?
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    Dude has been arrested more times in a calendar year than a lot of us have been in our entire lives. But yeah, we're probably just all a bunch of judgmental, dickhead racists.
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    That's Andre Smith. Oh, wait, you said tatts.
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    In a surprising turn of events, Bengals mascot Who-Dey has signed a 3 year, $1.5 Million deal with the Detroit Lions according to Adam Schefter. A source tells ESPN that the Bengals very much wanted to keep the 48 year old mascot.
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    You know weed is legal in Colorado now. I'd suggest you smoke some and chill out. Just because someone's assessment of a player is different than yours doesn't make it "sad and delusional" or "embarrassing to football fans". What's sad, delusional and embarrassing is your assessment of other posters that don't agree with you. Did you ever see Burkhead play in college? Especially before he got injured? I'm guessing not. He had over 1300 rushing yards and 15 TD's and was well on his way to repeating that his senior year before he got injured.
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    This is coming from the guy who said the Bengals would be hurting badly by giving up on Gresham. Talent evaluation is not your thing.
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    Fuck stats. Dillon's attitude was part of what made him Dillon. I liked him then and still do now. Would love to see him be a part of the Bengal family again. He belongs here.
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    We lose Whit but somehow we still have Pacman n Mauluaga on the roster. FUCK MY LIFE
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    Really gotta cut the trash bullshit out regarding LaFell. Every thread, every Bengals board, you're a broken record about something that you have zero logical arguments for. You're like a shittier Skip Bayless that exclusively posts on Bengals media.
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    I'm a Buckeye homer, but there are plenty of Michigan players (including both receiver this year) who I think are underrated as draft prospects. Peppers is the complete opposite. Here's a fun writeup of his play from a Buckeye perspective: THE VILLAIN Photo Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports Just as every good song has already been written, every possible Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year Jabrill Peppers take has also already been produced. You already know this playlist by heart: 1) Good Enough at Every Position (to just be okay) 2) Laughably Overrated 3) No Actually He's Quite Deserving 4) Bad Stats (What Stats?) 5) Peppers' Versatility Makes Don Brown's Defense Possible 6) Media Creation Borne Out of Desperately Wanting Another Charles Woodson to Happen Ohio State fans are a reliably hypersensitive tribe incapable of separating what matters to them from the context of any other football subject. The way a lot of you diminish Peppers has dangerous potential to send you hurtling into an unstoppable hypocritical orbit. Without peeling this onion too far, please cite Eddie George's most memorable play or contribution to The Game. Was he overrated? See, this is a dangerous game. So in that same vein, Peppers is the shittiest villain most Ohio State fans have ever witnessed in their lives. The result is every bit of adulation on his behalf becomes a triggering event. Let's start with his school-sanctioned #HEI5MAN campaign: Where to begin - the play being showcased here didn't count. You can literally see the flag that cancelled it at the beginning of the HEI5MAN highlight flying across your screen. It's in the screencap before you press play. This is Michigan's version of Greg Oden's iconic Final Four monster dunk against Georgetown which, inconveniently, didn't go in. Let's continue with the tackling competence on display in that clip, which hasn't been seen in a Michigan-Rutgers game since the last time Michigan visited Rutgers: Third of all it's a basic spin move...against Rutgers. Dontre Wilson does this whenever he enters a public restroom, which is the closest Rutgers approximation. It should have been more impressive, or even counted. But let's get back to the core of why Peppers hype is the perfect ruse for making Ohio State fans crazy. We have heard the fawning since his recruitment by Brady Hoke. Buckeye fans listened to it every week during his freshman season, when he played a little before taking a medical redshirt. Then it happened all over again last season. Then again in 2016. We prepared ourselves for terror. You hold your breath whenever Peppers has the ball. Only if you're simultaneously being crop-dusted. We are reliably hypersensitive, buuuuut also football-fluent enough to know what's real. Tom Harmon got a standing ovation in Ohio Stadium. Bo's turncoats during the Ten-Year War were despised because they overdelivered against the Buckeyes. I cannot type the words John Kolesar without tensing up. Woodson, Biakabutuka, Howard, hell - Shoelaces Robinson lighting up the bloated carcass of Ohio State's empty 2011 season gets a respectful nod. Michigan villains are as hated as they are fearsome. Even the two most noteworthy 0-4 guys in Wolverines history: MIKE HART VS. OSU 2004-2007 YEAR CARRIES YARDS TOTAL TDS 2004 18 61 100 1 2005 9 15 26 0 2006 23 142 147 3 2007 18 44 44 0 CHAD HENNE VS. OSU 2004-2007 YEAR ATT CMP TOTAL TD INT 2004 27 54 328 2 2 2005 25 36 223 1 0 2006 21 35 267 2 0 2007 11 34 68 0 0 ...had moments of villainry, despite lacking a corresponding victory. Respect. This brings us back to Peppers, whose empty statistics aren't worth throwing up here because - again - I buy into every track on the playlist above. Some football things just cannot be properly defended using stats. Sometimes you just need memorable plays. Here's one. That view doesn't do it justice - here's a better angle of Peppers trying to stop the least jukey full-time OSU quarterback since Todd Boeckman: Here's another. That's a 41-yard run by a quarterback who clocks 4.62 40. If Dontre seals his block properly, Peppers is chasing him all the way into the endzone like a one-man gopher colony. He had a great view of it. Speaking of having a great view: True Michigan villains are expected to deliver pain that burns for decades. They're as evil as they are effective, and their calculated assaults on Ohio State are burned into our memories forever. Peppers also promised Curtis Samuel would take some punishment this year. So to this hypersensitive tribe, he's a winless promise-breaker who frequently shows up in Michigan highlights we actually enjoy watching. He never even achieved Jim Mandich or Chris Perry sub-villain status. But that doesn't mean he isn't exceptional otherwise. From our vantage point - the only point we care about - it was all just a lot of noise. Good luck at the next level, choose your financial planner wisely and thanks for the MEMORIE5.
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    He has VERY, VERY strong inbred features. Years and years of inbreeding. Interesting comments from Chris Kluwe on Deadspin about this piece of human shit. Chris KluweTimothy Burke 1/09/17 12:14am Fuck Joey Porter. He’s an asshole and I hope he gets his balls gnawed off by weasels. My rookie year, we were playing the Stealers week 15 or 16, and I’m trying to warm up for the game (context: I have a torn ACL in my kicking leg, so it was kind of a shitty time), when this fuckwit comes up, an hour and a half before the game, and tries to tell me that I can’t use the Stealers’ half of the field to warm up (meanwhile, their punter is on our side of the field, warming up with no problems, because we weren’t dickheads). I told him to fuck off, and then he starts acting like he’s stretching and tries to bump into me while I’m going through my motion. Darren Bennett comes tearing in off the bench (we had him on the roster in case I couldn’t punt), and almost throws down on Porter right there (my money would’ve been on Bennett). The refs come over, tell me I have to go back over to my side, and after some arguing where I tell them I’m well within my rights to be on the Stealers’ 40 yard line (since the rules dictate a 10 yard buffer zone at midfield that the kickers/punters can use), I tell them fine, I’ll go over to my side and just kick balls at the Stealers linebackers until I’m warm, which I proceeded to do. Sadly, Porter did not trip over one of the balls raining down on his warmup spot and tear his own ACL, but it wasn’t for lack of trying on my part.
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    So are you saying Horton Hears a Hue? (God, forgive me... I couldn't help myself)
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    The race card? Dafuq?
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    Considering there are only 32 NFL head coaching jobs available, my guess is plenty of people. This team is not in the same place it was the last time it was looking for a head coach. It has been successful most of the past several years, and is loaded with talent.
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    Anyone rooting for Marvin Lewis at this point does not have the team's best interests at heart. That's not fandom.
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    Yep. I want the team to win a super bowl one day. You don't.
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    1) LT 2) LG 3) C 4) RG 5) RT
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    Fuck that guy. He's done everything he can do with this team and then sat on his laurels (although having "laurels" for being the worst playoff coach in the history of the NFL seems stupid). Marvin claims his team can't finish games. No Marvin, YOU fail your team by not finishing games by controlling your coordinators and the play on the field. You're a smug, giggling prick with the local media and you've subdued them to the point where they won't even bother asking you anything other than low-hanging fruit/softball shit. And fuck you Mike Brown, for continuing to put up with this. Resurrect this season and fire him NOW! Promote Guenther or Lazor, it can't be any worse than it is now! Instill a sense of accountabilty! Why do you keep paying Marvin millions for this shit product on the field? You, your coach and as a result, your team and product SUCK. You are the head of the snake, cut your own fucking head off and save the body from yourself.
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    You shut it. Shut your dirty, whore mouth.
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    Raise your hand if you want a free copy of "NFL Coaching for Dummies"
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    Andy is and always has been a Marvin quarterback. Mediocre and not able to win the big one. He has peaked, leveled out and not going to get any better. The only way for him is down. When things break right and he has protection from the Offensive Line (forget that this season), he is decent enough. If A.J. Green and Eifert (when healthy) were not on this team, Andy would be a backup somewhere else. In our first Super Bowl year, Ken Anderson was abominable during the first game vs. Seattle. Down by 21 points (more than the Ravens scored all day). Forrest Greg (my all time favorite Bengal coach), sat Kenny and put in Turk Schonert who pulled out a come from behind victory. Kenny went in the next week and played all the way to the Super Bowl. Marvin does not have the wherewithal or balls to sit Andy if even for a little while. He continues to try to pound a square peg into a round hole. Marv might as well buy a ticket and sit in the stands for all he does on the field. Even then he would probably not be able to find his seat again after taking a whiz in the women's rest room by mistake.
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    this pick makes me moist.. some punk bitches with some tall soap boxes. even the stupid bitch is cool, shes moved past it, she said they sat down without lawyers and sorted it out and wanted to move on from it.. but some crusty old white dudes in ohio are picking out tree branches. Joe is currently 20 years old, so this happend when he was 18?, so an 18 hr old kid, getting called racial clurs, attached by a big bitch pushing and punches him, makes one mistake.. and yall got the shotguns ready? what a joke. make sure you toss extra "judge others" cash in the collection plate tomorrow. the only thing embarrassing i see is grown mens reactions to a mistake an 189?) yr old in a position theyll never even imagine being in, makes a single mistake. look at the video that happened the day after he turned 18... omfg... what a bunch of assholes
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    We're knocking this draft out as if it were a chick
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    Why should they? The NFL awards the Lombardi trophy for winning the Super Bowl, not for morality or community service. Don't fall for the Walter Payton Man of the Year facade ... it's all bullshit. This is entertainment and blood sport. Men get paid to violently assault and injure each other for the intoxicated Roman Colosseum.
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    Greetings all. It is sad for me that Shayne is retiring. Especially because, after he worked a new regimen the year our dad passed away, he has been stronger than anytime in the last 10 years. He waited all season for a chance to prove it (his 54 yarder against Panthers last year for Atlanta hinted at his ability to still kick long ones), but unfortunately he was told all this season that he was too old and they wanted someone young for a long contract. He really wanted to play and had a few years left. But with no prospects, he needed to start looking at a new plan for his future. I am glad he decided to retire a Bengal. It truly was the only place he called home. So it is fitting. It was half of his career, and the one place he really got to make a difference in the community. I know there were ups and downs, but I also really enjoyed getting to know many of you and even spending hours on the streets of Cincinnati playing catch (and frogger chasing the football into the street in front of PBS) and eatin chili and jello shots at tailgates. I wish you all the best. I will pop by on occasion as I have over the years. For those that care anyway ;). I know some of you miss fighting with me. We can do that too if you ever need a pick me up.
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    Sporting Charts has LaFell at 64 receptions, 107 targets, and 1 drop. FBO has him with 3 drops. That's as good or better than the top WRs in the league. He's very sure handed. LaFell didn't fumble in 2016. The dude runs solid routes and doesn't need to be burning DBs to catch passes. He ranked 22nd in both of FBO's DVOA and DYAR statistics, and that's out of 93 qualified WRs from 2016. So he ranked higher in those advanced metrics than some team's WR1 to put that into perspective. You run around every Bengals message board bashing LaFell with that stupid stat about 4 games with a combined 32 yards. First of all, that's not even accurate. Do you mean to say he's had 4 games EACH having 32 yards or less? That's accurate, so you should start saying that instead. Anyway, would you like some context to those numbers or does context not matter? In 1 of those games, Eifert and Green both completely went off and combined for almost 20 receptions, multiple TDs, and accounted for almost all of the team's receiving yards by themselves. In 2 of those games, Andy barely threw for 200 yards TOTAL in each game and barely completed half of his passes. Should we just ignore the context of a QB having a rough game or two when looking at basic receiving statistics? #1 WRs "disappear" sometimes. #2 WRs "disappear" even more often because they're usually not as centralized to a team's game plan. It's the NFL, it happens. Sometimes guys aren't getting the targets because yes, they aren't open. Other times it's the gameplan. Go watch the All 22 tape from 2016 on LaFell and then tell me how much "garbage" he was. Julio Jones had 4 games with 35 yards or less in 2016. He's garbage, sad!
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    Actually, I think it was behind Cedric Ogbuhei.
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    P.S. Asking Go to tighten the reigns around here for the flaming, name calling and attacking is like asking a pyromaniac to be Fire Chief.
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    He's a fucking multi-millionaire. Feel bad for people sleeping out in the cold tonight. Nugent doesn't need your sympathy
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    The TD catch that was no TD catch was the difference maker. Plus the Shazier assassination of Gio was 1a. Bullshit on blaming fans or the Bengals for that disgrace. That is a sanctimonious cop out, and sounds like something bullshit media apologists would say.
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    By the way just to stand you up and correct you again, I started this thread. I said Merry Fucking Christmas to the news he was being fired. I said "Crappy New Year" to the news he was staying. I edited the thread title to say he should have been fired. So again, eat shit. And the person that +1 you can share it with you.

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