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    Ah the race card in the football forum. That will get you a few days off. Enjoy.
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    Good: 1. Dalton is back on the form that we saw pre-injury in 2015. Him establishing a psychic connection with Boyd is gonna be huge for the team going forward. His last throw to win the game was into a pretty damn tight window, I didn't appreciate how tight until I saw a shot from behind the play. If his receivers would stop popping balls in the air leading to INTs, that would be nice. 2. Boyd looks as much like Housh as we have seen since Housh left. Devastating weapon to have, the ability to move the chains in big spots. REALLY hard to find a guy like that. 3. Gio, but still glad to be getting Mixon back. Gio being gassed/dinged on final drive and unavailable points to why he isn't an ideal #1 back. 4. Mixon's being a genuine teammate. Man, was he into that game on the sideline, all game, before the sprint to celebrate with Green at the end. 5. Uzomah. I think he can really help make Eifert's loss not as devastating. He looks much more comfortable downfield than he used to, and that was a huge catch on the final drive. Bad: 1. Officiating. I can't even. And that's across the league, but in Bengals games. the bad calls always seem to be at us. 2. The tackling. Given how the NFL wants offense, you have to at least do the fundamental things well, and their tackling has been too sloppy. Getting Burfict back should help. Ugly: 1. The Eifert injury, obviously. Bottom line, the first four game schedule the league handed the team was brutal and unfair, three of four on the road and all against top tier NFL qbs. The only home game not even on a Sunday and on short rest against a rival. That's crap. And they came out of it 3-1. That's amazing. Hopefully a return to health from Mixon, get Price back soon, and Burfict and being at home and they can build on this now. Hard not to be a little giddy. That was the exact kind of game yesterday they NEVER seem to win (shoot-out, and with adversity to boot).
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    Jeez Louise with the hostility on here... Personally I felt they lost the game at other moments: Taking a 7-0 lead and allowing them to score 14 unanswered. Why? Why not put a foot on their throat. Having to punt due to A.J. Green and Cody Core. If Cody Core is running routes, that tells you that you should be running the ball. Our guys dropped the passes, there guy made an unbelievable play to score a TD. That’s why they win. Dropping interceptions. Despite having no pressure for the entire 60 minutes, Ben still manages to gift us 3 interceptions. We dropped all 3 (Burfict, Jackson, Dennard). On top of that, we forced a fumble and didn’t recover it. Being Marvinized every 3rd quarter. What’s the point of deferring when we may be the worst 3rd quarter team in football. WE HAD 4 YARDS IN THE 3rd QUARTER. Who deserves to win a game when you do that? snapping the ball with 17 seconds left on the play call on the final drive. Just why? Dalton has to be smarter than that. Time was NEVER going to be an issue. Let the clock run down to 1 second and get the game to underca minute. It comes down to Marvin Lewis’s teams never making the big plays when needed. The Stealers always make them against the Bengals.
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    Another injury update: Joe Buck is still butthurt over the bengals winning. He's day to day.
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    They need to play better. They need to coach better. WE need to post better. It's partly OUR fault. I personally plan on posting harder & better that way going forward and so forth.
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    I know this was touched on briefly elsewhere - but - does anyone else think Cam Newton is one of the biggest douchebags in the NFL? He clearly calls his own number inside the 10 so he can have a chance to score and pose for all his adoring fans. Couple that with his whiney puss attitude after the superbowl loss and you have a special case of douche. I've been chewing on this one since Sunday.....had to regurgitate!
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    I never was pissed that Palmer left. At the time I really thought he was mentally broken and/or another big injury away from calling it quits. Teams always keep QB's way longer than they should and I really did not look forward to Palmer hanging around several more years. I thought when Carson wanted to leave it was an easy way to cut the cord. I guess I am one of those people that always felt if you don't want to be a Bengal then fuck you..hit the road. Honestly, since Palmer left, I never gave the guy much thought and really did not pay attention to his career later on. I still don't know what the guy accomplished that made people think anyone would actually care to watch a tv show about him?
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    Nobody hates white people, we hate the stupid shit you spout. Standing for an anthem doesn't honor those who fought for this nation(which is what I think you meant in that garbled mess you wrote). Show your Honor by forcing your politicians to feed and house the ones that are homeless, to Treat the ones that have PTSD, to get the VA working right and not privatize it, and to Quit letting them go to fucking war in the First DAMN PLACE to Help pad the pockets of the Military Complex. And by the way, Tell Cops to stop acting like EVERY FRIGGIN BLACK MAN IS FRIGGIN FREDDY KRUEGER and they can say they were afraid for their life when they stop them and execute them for ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT REASONS.
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    This is the pettiest, most inane issue a Pro sports team/league has EVER been cast under the blanket for. The NFL bleeds fake patriotism, seeing as how it pays for over flights, parachuting in, etc. In case you don't remember, I am one cog in a long line of family service dating back to WWI when my first generation of (adopted) family took the "dago boat" over here. It seems I am the only family vet "without a war", especially since my unit deployed so late in the Persian Gulf War that we did literally nothing... Anyhoo, if any of this is true the NFL owners, despite being almost all super rich, old white men, need to grow a pair and stand up to Trump. That blustering idiot President cannot do dick to the NFL and they should know it. They're just afraid of exposure. Fuck that...if the NFL had an ownership group that stood together and made some kind of sense as to their position on this issue, preferably through a polished PR firm, they'd win the fence sitters back over. The ones that are just crazy rebel flag bearers aren't going to be convinced anyway.
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    My thoughts: 1. Every penny paid to Atkins and Dunlap was earned for past performance and justified for future performance. It is RARE to have two such talents on one team for as long as we have had those two. We have been spoiled. Atkins is a monster on the interior and Dunlap's ability to turn it up in big spots and late has been his trademark for a long time. We are lucky to be able to experience them on our favorite team. 2. Given not having Eiftert, Ross and Gio, I thought Dalton was really good in this game. The first pick was unfortunate, as AJ was held and knocked off his route and the safety made a nice play late, but take that away, and Dalton made a LOT of plays under duress. Earlier versions of Dalton would have thrown three or more picks in that game, and fumbled too. He did a great job not letting it get out of hand, and made huge throws late. The play to Mixon for the TD to get them back into the game was very much new Dalton. I still want to give a ton of credit for that to Alex Van Pelt's coaching. 3. Mixon is the first genuine closer at RB we have had in awhile. Having a guy who can close out games in the 4th quarter at RB is a huge luxury. 4. They still need to tackle better. 5. William Jackson looked more like himself this week. Should have had a pick 6 early, hopefully he is over his early funk. 6. Just nice seeing 55 back on the field. The defense is just more settled when he is out there making plays. 7. Would like to see Simmons get the special teams issues addressed ASAP. Need to stop giving points away there. 8. They definitely (and especially Boyd) missed having Ross on the outside to put extra stress on the coverage. That win was enormous. Miami is likely gonna limp into the wild card mix (their schedule is pretty soft), getting a head to head against them might be important down the road. Still no conference losses, that's also huge. Hopefully Ross' groin issue is better and he can go next week. They need him to balance the field and give Boyd more room underneath.
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    A couple things... Dre Kirkpatrick is a good - albeit overpaid - second corner. The Bengals scheme on the secondary is obviously predicated on not getting beaten over the top. Save for one fluky play by John Brown in the Ravens game, they’ve accomplished that. The problem is the run defense. If you can’t get teams off schedule by stuffing the run, the underneath passing game is going to kill you. That’s what happened Sunday. Andy played well. The first pick was a forced pass on third and long and amounted to a short punt. Pick two wasn’t a good pass, but popped straight up in the air. 3? John Ross ran the wrong route and then compounded it but pulling up. That was unforgivable. And the. Four came on a Hail Mary. Andy’s stat line looks a whole lot worse than it really was. The run defense is completely fixable. It’s not just Burfict. Preston Brown and Vinny Rey are both banged up. Hardy Nickerson was never meant to be on the field. He is atrocious in coverage, and even worse against the run. Bottom line is, though, this was always going to be a tough W. The Panthers are a playoff team. Going into Charlotte short handed was tough. Problem is the Bengals face the same situation next week. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
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    B) is definitely Pittsburgh. That's Ben Rapeherburger leaving after a hot date with Whines Hard.
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    I don't know who sanctioned this piece, or why someone out there has it in their head that Carson should be in the HoF (IMO, the purpose of creating it), but for anyone who doesn't want to watch it it is exactly what you would imagine: a fluff piece for Palmer and a complete character assassination against Brown and the Bengals. I mean, we as long-time fans know all about Brown and his issues, but none of us can say we weren't entertained and given real hope since 2011. Some proof of the "fluffiness": - They play the sad music about the Bengals being mostly mediocre-to-poor from '06-'10 because of Brown's complete unwillingness to try to win, but give all the credit for the '09 season to Carson. - Carson says Brown is "a very stubborn man - but I might be more stubborn". And look what that got you - a much worse experience in Oakland. But they let Carson accuse Brown of purposely trading him to Oakland because he... knew it would be worse there? Seriously? Carson's words: "He knew what he was doing trading me there, you go from one form of dysfunction to another". Ok, thanks Sherlock (fucking baby). Note that the only real positive thing they said about the Bengals in the entire piece is that the trade netted an "impressive haul" - yet IMO still made it sound sarcastic, like "the Bengals got what they wanted, but what about poor Carson?". - After spending the entire piece letting Brown and the Bengals get torn to shreds, no mention of the success they had after Carson left. None. If you're at least trying to be fair you say the trade turned out well for both parties, maybe? - The piece is edited to make it seem like Carson's return to PBS with the Cards where they won in the last minute was some proof that he was right, or they shouldn't have given up on him or he was the returning hero or... but they didn't show us blasting him and the Raiders before that, on the way to our first back-to-back playoff seasons in 30 years. Another thing to keep in mind about all this: the piece was created by NFL Films. Meaning, the NFL wrote, filmed, produced, edited and released a piece that completely shames one of its current owners and teams. I've always felt the other owners and the league itself are highly disapproving of Brown, and this to me only proves it. Now, would any of us care, generally speaking? Or maybe even approve of that attitude? Yeah, probably. But it's the outcome that I don't approve of. We're the fans. We pay for this shit. They only exist because we pay attention. So rather than allow one of your teams (and by extension, the fans) be shamed by your own employees and companies, how about being neutral and let the fucking FANS take care of shaming the team with the only thing that matters - our wallets and our attention. You'll know when Brown has hit rock bottom because the team has no fans left - until then, STFO.
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    That's a pretty uncivil response, but I will try not to cuss at you. Mixon averaged 5.5 ypc. Redmond blocked the run really well, Goodberry had some tweets of some of that, if you want a breakdown. Hunt's two sacks came over Hart, who I exempted from a kind word and suggested needed to be replaced. Beyond that, I have pretty much ZERO use for PFF grades, which is what I am going to assume you are referring to. I mean, for fuckssake, they had Mixon at a 59.1 for yesterday - the lower end of their average range. Maybe no need to be a jerk to me, or maybe there is, I guess. Dunno. Have a good one.
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    I could watch this on a loop all day long.
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    Don't worry - it will probably cut off halfway through anyway...
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    I've gotten into political arguments with Jamie, KW, oldschooler, & pretty much everyone else in here. People like USN or Rice (BOLO?) disagree with me all the time but at least make me laugh and/or think. Even so, agreeing with other people is much better than you agreeing with yourself. This "me vs. the world" picture you're painting is obviously very important to you but it's a fantasy. Serious question; why are your gloating? One minute you're part of this silent majority uprising & the next a persecuted rare breed "telling it like it is." That mix of alt-right memes & conspiracy theory bullshit has you strutting around like you won something. I literally held my nose at the machine while voting Clinton (poll worker dweeb gave me a frown but it played well.) I probably despise her almost as much as you do, and sure as hell didn't think I would've been winning anything other than knowing all my friends who aren't straight white men aren't being directly threatened & subject to more government, police, and now even idiot torch-bearing mob-of-good-people violence. All I wanted from Clinton is to keep some reality-tv lunatic dictator out of power & hopefully not fuck everything else up too bad. She didn't want to put orphans in Wal-Mart concentration camps or have Nazis & klansmen at her rallies & that was enough for me this time around. First things first, y'know, but hey so happy to hear about your 401K.. You rabid, ankle-biting, myopic, servile marmot. YOU ate a shit sandwich just so you could make everyone else smell your breath. Quit flailing around in here trying to pat yourself on the back, it's like watching an overturned turtle & sucks to look at, it's making everyone sad. Go brush your teeth, stop trying to make everyone else as miserable as you & start learning to speak Russian so you know when to grab your ankles without getting lashed the next time. Maybe take a look around while you're bent over & try seeing the world in a different way? Probably too much to ask. Either way I'm done feeding this particular troll. In lieu of a response to whatever nonsense is next feel free to just read this post a 2nd time.
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    For anybody to make a statement like that it shows just how little you actually know about this individual much as it reflects you are talking straight out of your ass. I have never heard a more inaccurate statement made about Billy Price, who I have followed since he was a prospect being drafted out of high school by The Ohio State Buckeyes. I feel a bit dumber for having read what you just posted here!

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