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Rats Week (Episode 3 The Final Chapter) Week

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1 hour ago, saphead said:

There was definitely some weird stuff going on. I'm sure there were some bounties out for certain things. 

Agree and wonder if this is why they quit playing replays of "controversial" plays.

Or non controversial, for that matter.

Took a lot away from the game for those of us there.  More No Fun League stuff.

At least IMHO.

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34 minutes ago, Shebengal said:

I was screaming about the last one in Chat. I was like "WTF was that?"


Our guys just have to keep their cool and not let him provoke them into a 15 yarder.  Hopefully things don't escalate, but if they do we know where it started.

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4 hours ago, SmoothD said:

Good size is an under statement.

Dude is 6'6" 330 lbs.

Currently the largest player on the roster.

He is a massive individual.

Do we have the biggest guards in the NFL..

Scharping ..6'6 330


Pass blocking is neithers forte..

Rum Joe run..




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1 minute ago, esjbh2 said:

I guess...seems to me he's just doing a "blue version" of Donnie from the Bob & Tom Show.

Fair enough. He usually doesn't play a character like this video, but he is from Baltimore so he seems to just be mocking that type person. All the content I've seen from his is traditional stand up and is very funny in my opinion.

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14 minutes ago, Mikeslumina said:

Chrisman  our punter been good. I noticed he tends to take little longer on directional punts. I am sure Simmons is on top of it make sure no blocks. 

Agreed.  He's been great, but there have been several close calls with defenders getting to him.

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