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[quote name='PutWittyNameHere' timestamp='1314296994' post='1020940']

That's only because you're not around them enough.
I worked in Baltimore from 2003-2006, and I can say that I DO know that ratfan is NOWHERE near as bad as stealerfan.

stealerfan makes the rats look like high society...

Of course, that's STILL like putting lipstick on a pig, just sayin'
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[quote name='CincyInDC' timestamp='1314305031' post='1021002']
a Ravens fan once tried to get a rise out of me and Jamie, but we [i]were [/i]wearing Bengals jerseys in M&T Bank Stadium. I suppose we had it coming.

I go to the Bengals game every year in Baltimore and, comparatively speaking, the fans there are pretty tame. Walking out the stadium it's hard to tell if they won or lost. It's the complete opposite in Philly. Hell, baseball in Philly is far more brutal for opposing fans.
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[quote name='GoBengals' timestamp='1314285983' post='1020831']

or click the member Map tab at the top. add your city/location. probably shouldnt put your full address...

also add any bengals friendly bars or hang outs...

Numbers suggested this feature, will be cool to find other fans near you and bengal bars for those out of town, etc..


Soooo.... how do you search for someone, specifically?

Thank you in advance and I'm sure its in here somewhere / some how but I am
a 'puter knucklehead.
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[quote name='CincyInDC' timestamp='1314878566' post='1024034']
No offense Harry, but people who say 'puter should be drawn and quartered.
LOL (can I say that? :) )
I can't win for losin'.
...needless to say, no offense taken.

Speaking of no offense, how 'bout those Brownies?

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