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Bengals to play two home games in London?

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London could be calling for Bengals soon 


By Jay Morrison

The NFL announced today it is continuing its agreement to play regular-season games at London’s Wembley Stadium for an additional five years.

The league will play at least two games per year through 2020.

That means at least 20 teams will make the trip in the next five years, and the Cincinnati Bengals have a good chance of being one of them for two reasons.

One is that by the time the 2016 schedule comes out, Cincinnati will be one of 12 teams which has yet to play in London.

The second reason is the deal the team struck with Hamilton County in April 2014. Under the previous lease, the Bengals were guaranteed to play all eight of their regular-season home games at Paul Brown Stadium, which is owned by the county.

But in the new agreement, the county agreed to pay for most of the stadium renovations – which include the new scoreboards, weight room, players dining area and an expanded locker room – while the Bengals waived the height restrictions for new construction at The Banks and agreed to play two international games as the “home” team.

The NFL’s international series began in 2007. The league staged one game in London from 2007-12, two in 2013 and three each since.

The New York Jets and Miami Dolphins played at Wembley Stadium on Oct. 4. Buffalo and Jacksonville will play there Sunday. And the Kansas City and Detroit will fly across the Atlantic Ocean the following weekend.

In addition to the Bengals, the other teams who have yet to make the trip are Philadelphia, Washington, Carolina, Green Bay, Arizona, Seattle, Indianapolis, Houston, Tennessee, Cleveland and Baltimore.

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I have the money sitting in my bank account and has been since 2007, waiting for this moment.

That might not mean much to you, but as someone who is seriously poor, that's a big wedge to lose out on.

Bring it! :gobengals:


Went to London in December 2010. Once you figure out the subway system, it is so easy to get around, don't have to drive, don't have to park, awesome place.

Just got home from London yesterday.  I stayed at Wembly in the Holiday Inn right in front of the stadium.  Matter of fact it was the same hotel the OSU Marching band is staying in since they are performing during halftime of the Jax v. Bills game today.  I love London and it is a great time.  However, it is expensive, but I will think about going if I have the money.  The Tube is extremely easy to use and you can go any where.  On a side note, One of the guys I work with claims he saw some of the players from either Jax or Buffalo walking in Piccadilly Circus.  I wasn't with him to verify, but he said they were large and had some awesome looking women with him.   

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We should definitely consider trying to have a Go-Bengals meet-up in London when this happens. I'd love to have an excuse to get back to England for the first time in about 10 years and a Bengals game would be perfect. 

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That would be fantastic. Being an overseas fan comes with with a few flawes. One being not able to see your favorite team. I would most defiantly go. Even though I would prefer to see the Bengals play at home in Cincinnati. 

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