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The 17th Annual Guess the Bengals First Pick Contest ***Closed for Guesses!!!***

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Ok, here it is, the contest thread.  Here are the rules:

1. Guess the player you think the Bengals will take with their first pick. It does not matter when that pick is, whether at 5, 31 or 37. So don't tell me they trade the pick.

2. This year there will not be a limit to how many times a player may be guessed.

3. The tie breaker will be the pick number where Jeremy Ruckert is taken. Do not give me a team and a round, I want a number. In the event there is still a tie, there will be a second tie breaker between the 2 contestants. It will be another player to be determined at that time.

4. No "bookending" of tie breaker guesses. If consecutive tie breaker guesses have been made, the next closest guess must be at least 10 away.  For example if someone guesses 100, and someone else guesses 101, the next closest guess can be no closer than 90 or 111. Of course, this only applies for guesses of the same player.  If you bookend yourself it's your problem.  

EDIT: **** Rule Update ***** If your tie breaker guess creates a bookend, I will ask you to change it.  So if someone else has a guess within 10 of another guess, yours must be more than 10 away from at least one of the other 2.  For example if someone guesses 93 and someone else guesses 97 your guess must be less than 83 or more than 107.  Or if you are ok with bookending yourself you can guess between them, for example 95.

5. Your Guess MUST be in the format of:

Board name - Guess - tie breaker, for example

Jason - Tyler Linderbaum - 136

and the Guess must be the full first and last name (unless the player is known by his initials, which I don't think applies to any likely picks this year), but don't worry, spelling doesn't count as long as it's close enough that I know who it is. 

Your guess will not be entered until it is in that format, and your tie breaker guess will not be official, so someone else can take it, and it will not be protected from bookending!

6. Once you have made your guess, you will have time to change your mind, but once your Guess appears below in this post, your choice is locked in, no changes, no exceptions.  

7. To be eligible you must be a member prior to the start of this thread, and a Bengals fan. Fans of other teams are not eligible. Members with multiple board names, please make guesses with only one of them.

8. The prize will be any ONE ITEM from the Bengals store at Bengals.com valued up to $50, and I will pay taxes and standard shipping. Based on the cost of shipping, arrangements may need to be made for winners who are not residents of the continental United States.

Guessing ENDS at 9pm EDT on April 24th

Disclaimer: Go-Bengals.com is not responsible for this contest, the outcome, or it's prizes.

Let the picking now begin!

Can a moderator please pin this thread.

LeTigre --------------------- Tyler Linderbaum ---------------- 99

Mhfinks --------------------- Devonte Wyatt ------------------ 101

BengalBuck ------------------ Kaiir Elam ---------------------- 102

New Jersey Bengal ---------- Logan Hall ---------------------- 106

Gary --------------------- Tyler Linderbaum ------------------- 89

esjbh2 --------------------- Daxton Hill ----------------------- 88

JungleTiger -------------- Tyler Linderbaum ------------------- 31

BlackJesus  ---------------- Lewis Cine ----------------------- 90

HOF dan ------------------- Logan Hall ----------------------- 132

Jamie_B -------------------- Kaiier Elam ---------------------- 120

TigerJaw  ----------------  Devonte Wyatt  -------------------  112

MOC ------------------- Jermaine Johnson II ----------------- 94

membengal --------------- Daxton Hill ----------------------  100

Claptonrocks --------- Tyler Linderrbaum --------------------- 92

JC ----------------------- Andrew Booth ---------------------- 69

WRAPradio ---------------- Logan Hall ------------------------ 114

Spicoli ------------------- Perrion Winfrey --------------------- 77

AmishBengalFan --------- Tyler Linderbaum ------------------ 178

Mojo ------------------------ K. Elam ------------------------- 131

Schneiderbengal ---------  zion johnson ---------------------- 109

SF2 ---------------------- Logan Hall -------------------------- 96

TigerCub -------------- Tyler Linderbaum ---------------------- 74

I_C_DeadPeople --------- Arnold Ebiketie ----------------------- 85

Cricket ------------------- George Karlaftis -------------------- 97

ArmyBengal -------------- Coby Bryant ----------------------- 113

Kochman ------------------ Daxton Hill ------------------------ 121

Kingspoint -------------- Andrew Booth, Jr. ------------------- 133

Stryker57 ---------------Tyler Linderbaum -------------------- 231 

BBR ------------------------ Kyler Gordon --------------------- 70

gatorclaws ------------------- Kaiir Elam ----------------------- 95

Bengals1181 ----------------- Lewis Cine ---------------------- 95

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11 hours ago, claptonrocks said:

Your taking Linderbaum at 31..


What number in the draft will  OSU TE Jeremy Ruckert 

be drafted as a tiebreaker?


I'm picking TL at 31, and I picked JR for 31 also.  If I tie Ill fail, and I think if TL is gone I'm saying that JR will go at 31 I just put it in the tie breaker spot lol

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36 minutes ago, Jungletiger said:


I'm picking TL at 31, and I picked JR for 31 also.  If I tie Ill fail, and I think if TL is gone I'm saying that JR will go at 31 I just put it in the tie breaker spot lol


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