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Watching Burrow's presser after the game... Love this kid. "LeBron James said you had "it" and were a star. How does that make you feel?" "Umm, whatever. We're 0-2."

We might not win a game this year but we got ourselves a MF'ing QB

When you only have to cover short routes because there's no protection and you don't have to honor the run, it gets easy to shut down the passing game.

8 minutes ago, Jamie_B said:

DJ Reader's injury was also cramps when he went out.


I put this on the trainers.


At least he was exerting himself, with no preseason games to really get in "football shape" to play a 60 minute game that's excusable.


A kicker though?

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This would sure be a nice win. Granted this team's playoff window more than likely opens next year, I believe teams that start 0-2 only make the playoffs like 12% of the time or something like that. A win against a division rival in primetime would buck a lot of trends.

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6 hours ago, Le Tigre said:

Burke Lakefront is located almost next to their stadium. It's a nice little commuter aircraft place. But a Boeing 757 landing there? Have seen the runways from upper levels of downtown buildings--looks like it can...but a little tight looking.   



6200 foot runway. Plenty off length.

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