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20th Annual Guess the Bengals First Pick Contest Thread!!! *******Sparky wins!!!*******

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You guys know the rules, so I'm going to keep this simple.

Guess the player they pick.

Use the name the player is known by.  You can do JC Latham, but not A Mims.  But spelling isn't important as long as I can figure it out.

No bookending.

Tie breaker is the pick number for Cade Stover, don't tell me team and round.

Your screen name must be included in your guess.  An acceptable guess format is:


Jason - Amarius Mims - 148


The contest will close for guesses at 9 pm on Sunday April 21 around 9 pm EDT.


The prize is any ONE item in the Bengals pro shop up to $50, and I will pay all taxes and standard shipping.  Send me a link, and specify size and color if applicable.

You must be a Bengals fan and member as of 11 am EDT on 4/13/24.

Go-Bengals is not responsible for the outcome or prize.


Official Guess List

BlackJesus - ------------Amarius Mims ------------ 103

esjbh2 ------------------- Troy Fautanu ------------- 95

Le Tigre ----------------- Taliese Fuaga ------------- 110

Jackie Treehorn --------- Byron Murphy II ----------- 100

HavePityPlease --------- Jer'Zhan Newton ---------- 80

sparky 151 --------------- Amarius Mims ------------ 110

AmishBengalFan --------- Amarius Mims ----------- 169

Jamie_B ----------------- Taliese Fuaga ------------- 86

Sox ---------------------- Byron Murphy ------------ 88

New Jersey Bengal ------ Byron Murphy ------------ 128

Clapton.------------------ Amarius Mims ------------ 86

fluhartz ------------------ Jer'Zhan Newton --------- 115

dex ----------------------- JC Latham --------------- 99

Schneider --------------- Quinyon Mitchell ---------- 101

Spicoli ------------------- Adonai Mitchell ------------ 99

I_C_Deadpeople ---------- Byron Murphy ----------- 149

TexBengal -----------------Troy Fautanu ------------ 109

BBR ----------------------- JC Latham ------------- 104

bentheprop ----------------Brock Bowers ----------- 111

Cricket -------------------- Cooper DeJean --------- 107

JC ----------------------- Jer'Zhan Newton --------- 125

Kochman ----------------- JC Latham --------------- 89

Arkansas Bengal --------- Taliese Fuaga ------------ 120

Gary ---------------------- Troy Fautanu ------------ 113

HereSince68 --------------- Amarius Mims ---------- 107

Bengals1181 ---------------- Troy Fautanu ----------- 117

Shebengal ----------------- Taliese Fuaga ----------- 98



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20 hours ago, BlackJesus said:

@Jason I motion that you switch your example pick name to "John Doe" so it doesn't influence more people to pick Mims 😉   


(I'll delete this after you see it)


Did anyone pick Mims because I did?  If there is evidence that my pick influenced someone else I will change to John Doe.

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20 minutes ago, Jason said:

Did anyone pick Mims because I did?  If there is evidence that my pick influenced someone else I will change to John Doe.


I was partially being tongue-in-cheek (why I winked), but also because you used that as the example and then I was the first pick and chose it, I feared there would be a subconscious or subliminal snowball effect. It's the most chosen pick so far, but that could be coincidental as well. 

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