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Red Rifle Lives! Never mind, he’s dead.


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2 minutes ago, Jungletiger said:

Part of me is like, most teams struggle against last minute QB changes, another part of me is like, wtf.  Still we got the better QB, the a lot of the rest of the team needs work,


I agree, we improved at QB, but I'll still root for Dalton, as long as he's not playing us!!

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33 minutes ago, High School Harry said:

I hope he wins the Super Bowl.

Holds up the trophy and says "Eat your heart out, Marvin.  And fuck you."


It's cool he's getting another chance to prove himself.   He seems like a good dude & it will be interesting to see how he fares in a pro organization.

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3 minutes ago, Cricket said:


How appropriate that Andy’s first start will be on Monday Night Football.  


I guess he gets a chance to exorcise a demon...


...or feed it.




Never know about Dalton..

Allways the barometer of average play..

Sam Darnold has taken the baton from him now..

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