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What would the 49ers and Bengals meeting in the Super Bowl do for you ?

What would you do ?  

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  1. 1. What would you do if the 49ers and Bengals meet in the Super Bowl ?

    • Channel my inner Krumrie ?
    • Reminisce about Stanley Wilson ?
    • Immediately contact your psychologist concerning PTSD ?
    • Drool about the possibility of payback ?
    • Create drinking game when Boomer, Kenny, Wyche, Gregg, Wilson, or Walsh are mentioned ?
    • Place a bet on the Bengals
    • Place a bet on the 49ers
    • Bash Collinsworth for gobbling on Steeler cock ?
    • Other. List Below.

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Being a Saints fan as well I fucking double hate the 49ers.  We were in their division for years and suffered 2 losses almost every year.  

Fucking hate them.


Oh, and their miracle win against the Rams knocked the Saints out of the playoffs.  Fuckers.  Not that the Saints would have done shit with the crazy QB situation in the playoffs. 

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Well, getting there would mean going on a euphoric run of beating down all AFC competition in our path, which would obviously be AWESOME. Getting to the big dance to face the Niners would be a huge mix of excitement and anxiety. Just no way around it for me. It'd be either complete, decades long overdue triumph, or a big letdown. Wins and losses in big games are intensely magnified for me as a fan, having suffered with the misfortunes of the franchise for so long. I'm all in though. I'll say this. Everything about that win against KC was so different than anything that's happened in quite a while. Never quitting, staying aggressive, taking calculated risks. I loved it! Sure, it could've blew up in our face, but fortune favors the bold, and you have to do the bold part first. Right now, it feels like anything is possible. 

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We had just finished building my friends half pipe the day of so we were skating that most of that first half then watched the whole 2nd half. My friend who didn’t know anything about football just kept repeating, “Duuude, Fuck Rice!” which I still say to this day. 
That would be sweet as half my family is from the Bay and 49er/Giants fans to my Bengals/Dodgers. It always a shit talk fest

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14 hours ago, claptonrocks said:

id be ecstatic for the Bengals in it.

The 49 thing has worn off of me.

Its a new age...

Bring on anyone...






I kinda want the Packers to get that win from earlier in the season though.

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I was at SB 16. It was a cold few days in Michigan with nothing for a 14 yr old to do but run around the hotel while all the dads hung in the hotel bar.

I was also at SB 23. Needless to say, a 22 yr old can have a ton of fun in Miami. That was a great week with the exception of losing the game.


It would absolutely fantastic if they got that monkey off their back as well.

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Niners would be the easiest game for us, but they always seem to beat us right at the end on a last drive or whatnot. All the time! But I want revenge!!!


So I want to play the Bills, then the 49ers. That would probably be the easiest route for us. 


So from easiest route to hardest;

1. Bills/49ers

2. Bills/Rams

3. Chiefs/49ers

4. Bills/Tampa

5. Chiefs/Rams

6. Chiefs/Tampa

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I wouldn’t get too jacked up about the 9ers yet. Green Bay choked again. Shocking.  How long until Rodgers starts blaming the coaches or front office?  

At this point I will be surprised to see anyone but Tampa Bay come out of the NFC. Want no part of LA.  Aaron Donald vs Adjenii and Hopkins?  He might have 9 sacks by himself. 

I’m long over the 49ers.  All those guys are long gone.  Would love to see them in the Super Bowl as they are not very good.  How they pulled that game out of their ass last night is beyond me. 

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