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Keeping our enemies close

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1 hour ago, claptonrocks said:

Im not agreeing with you..


Im pointing out that that you dont get quality WR for a nobody and a 5th rd pick as you say..


You want a receiver such as Samuel you pay up in drafts.

Both teams benefit..


Not like the NBA at all...


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Clowns wasting cap bucks on scrubs... love it. (HSH)


Indianapolis Colts free agent defensive end Isaac Rochell signed with the Cleveland Browns, the team announced Wednesday.


In an effort to add more veteran bodies to the line, Cleveland signed Stephen Weatherly, who was a seventh-round selection by the Minnesota Vikings in 2016 

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On 4/21/2022 at 4:32 PM, claptonrocks said:

No chance of trading him is right..

.Until they do


Games people play...

I dunno, getting a top 15 QB isn’t as easy as it looks.  It’s hard to find a guy above the Dalton line that is available.  

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23 hours ago, High School Harry said:

Honey Badger signs with Saints.  FWIW... which ain't much at this point.


Another of those overhyped draft superstar, "gonna rewrite how the game is played, the NFL isn't ready" guys


Narrator Voice: The NFL was, in fact, ready.

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