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2022 Ring Of Honor Nominees

2022 Ring Of Honor Nominees (select two)  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. 2022 Ring Of Honor Nominees (select two)

    • Willie Anderson
    • Jim Breech
    • James Brooks
    • Cris Collinsworth
    • Isaac Curtis
    • Corey Dillon
    • Boomer Esiason
    • David Fulcher
    • Chad Johnson
    • Tim Krumrie
    • Dave Lapham
    • Max Montoya
    • Lemar Parrish
    • Bob Trumpy
    • Reggie Williams

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It was really hard. I wish they had opened this class up to at least 4 like last year.


I went with Willie and Boomer. Killed me to pass up voting on Krumrie, Chad, Isaac, Cris and a bunch of the others. 

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The unofficial tally as of the posts above this one:


7 Curtis

5.25 Willie

5.25 Krumrie

4 Boomer

1.25 Lemar*

1.25 Fulcher

1 Trumpy*

1 Chad


*-From the poster who said "older should get priority" in the voting but who didn't name anyone.  These are the oldest two I think, based on their first season of play on the nominee page.


The 0.25 votes are from the poster who didn't man-up and just pick two, instead he picked one and named four more "tied" for 2nd.  :)

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I’m old, and chose longer Bengal career achievements as criteria, as opposed to blip-in-time contribution. 


Was going to say: No Howard Fest, no vote…but few here were alive when he played, so demurred doing so. 


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On 5/17/2022 at 5:41 PM, GoBengals said:


it prevents it from just being a social media popularity contest.


only youngest players would get in otherwise.

What? Um, are not young people season ticket holders now? They are even promoting to buy season tickets to vote.  That makes No sense. 

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